Toolwiz TimeFreeze: Create a virtual environment as a copy of your real system


Those of you who are involved in program testing and in general all those who like to download various programs on your computer, but even when surfing the Internet visiting websites with potential risk and danger you encounter in the first case over time the windows registry fills with garbage which will slow down and reduce the performance of your computer, and in the second increased risk of viruses and malware. Also in some cases it is possible for a badly written program to create a problem in the proper functioning of our computer with a high probability of getting into adventures. All this until today since the solution to these problems is given to us by Toolwiz TimeFreeze.

This is a simple free program that once installed, sits discreetly in the taskbar notification area, waiting for you to call it. Right-click on the start button of the application, confirm your choice and the program will start protecting your computer.

The only downside is that it automatically clears its cache on reboot, so you can not use it to test applications that require a reboot as part of the installation process. Finally, the system cache can not be larger than 4GB in size, which means that your total work size can not be more than 4GB, but I find it very satisfactory for almost any job you want to do. 

From now on, where you browse, what you install, but also generally what work you do is not recorded on your computer. So if you like the application you have installed you can install it on the next reboot after you have disabled the application on the next reboot.

In addition to the practical applications we analyzed above, Toolwiz TimeFreeze is a program that will protect our privacy since any work we do or any website we visit with the application activated will not be able to see someone else you logged in once we leave the application will not leave behind her no trace.

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