Rohos Logon Key: Replace the Windows password with any USB stick


The Rohos Logon Key is probably the simplest but most reliable solution to bypass the Login process (when entering the password) when we enter the desktop of our computer. With the Rohos Logon Key we can transfer our login key to windows to any USB stick so that it is not necessary every time we login to our computer to enter our password. We connect a USB stick to our computer. Now, after downloading the application, install it on your computer, run it and press the setup auhentication key option. In the next tab, enter the password with the password you login and click on the setup the key button.
If the code you entered is correct you will see the following message. Click OK and you are ready.
This was from now on it is not necessary to enter our password during the login process since for this it is enough to place our stick on any USB port. 

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TAGS: desktop , USB , Utilities

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