Sunday May 7 2023

Freelang: Free dictionary of foreign languages


Free language dictionary for Windows with great ease of installation and use. After installing the application you can download and install as many word lists (dictionaries) as you want.

The program enables you to browse the lists, search for a word and add or modify an entry.

All dictionaries are bilingual (eg from or to English). The program runs on all versions of Windows, it is free, but the lists and copyrights belong to their creators.

Now to download the program click Download at the end of the article and to add any language you wish (out of 269 in total) click here, and download the language of your choice.

You should have it installed on your computer Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1. Note that in order to run the application you will need to download and install the language of your choice in addition to the program.         
the Freelang app
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