Sunday October 2 2022

Simple DNSCrypt: Encrypt your DNS communication


The Domain Name System or simply DNS is a naming system for computer networks that use the IP protocol. DNS can and does map names to IP addresses or other names on the Internet or other network and allows a server or a service on a server to be found using a name. 

So DNS is used to map IP addresses to names so that a network administrator can use names to communicate or simply remember machine names, locations, domain names, etc.

Every time you go to a web page, the browser searches for its DNS address. The faster the nearest DNS server is located, the faster the webpage you visited opens. Simple DnsCrypt is a protocol that authenticates communications between a DNS client and DNS resolution and prevents DNS falsification.

Uses encrypted signatures to verify that the answers come from the selected IP DNS and have not been corrupted. To use the application, select your network card, and simply click on Primary Simple DNSCrypt.

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