OnionShare: Share your files and communicate with each other anonymously and securely


OnionShare is a unique application that allows you to anonymously and securely share files of any size and communicate with each other by exchanging messages.

It works by starting a web server, via Tor, and creating a unique URL to access and download the files. It does not require the creation of a server on the Internet and does not use any third-party file-sharing service.

You can host the file on your computer and use a Tor service to make it temporarily accessible over the internet. Now, just add your files or folders and click "Start Sharing".

However, (and this is OnionShare's strong point), it provides a URL that you'll need to give the person you want to download your file to download the file directly to your computer. 

By default, the program disables the service once the files have been downloaded once. So even if someone else intercepts the URL later, it simply means that it will no longer be available, so no one can intercept the files you have made available for download.

Run OnionShare and drag the file you want to share into the application box and press the Start Sharing button. As you can see, a URL is automatically created. Now copy the URL and give it to whoever you want to receive the file. From there, he just needs to paste the URL into the Tor Browser. 

(You must have installed the Tor Browser to download the file. Anyone else after the first download can not access it even if it has the URL unless you want to select it. 
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