Home Security Camera - Alfred: Turn your phone into a security camera


With the Alfred app you can control your home or any other space you want from your smartphone or tablet as long as you are connected to any Wi-Fi network even 3G or 4G. There is no simpler way, since all you need to do to set up is connect your devices via Google. 

The app allows you to communicate directly with whoever is downloading the image through your device's microphone.

It is compatible with the majority of smartphones and tablets, and for it to work you will need a smartphone that will take on camera duties and as a receiver you can use another smartphone, tablet or even your laptop.&

In the application options, motion detection is also included where after detection you will receive notifications with the video clips in your view.

Motion detection sensitivity can be adjusted in the app settings. Also, if the smartphone is placed in a place where there is insufficient lighting, you can activate the flash of your mobile or activate the night vision.

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TAGS: Android , webcams

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