19 Best Free Video Editors


Video editing is a process through which we can convert and edit our videos, add effects, cut moments and generally make a video as we wish. 

For this purpose, there are several programs with very good performance that, however, cost money.

Guided by economy, simplicity (as far as possible) and the content of applications, we present to you the best free applications that have almost nothing to envy from their professional counterparts. 

Which one you choose depends mostly on your experience level and what exactly you want to do.

easy video maker


Free program that will help you create high-quality 2D videos - movies with special effects from various formats of video clips, images, audio messages, lyrics, texts, etc.

Optimize your creation video for the format of your choice for YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, AVI, MP4, WMV, MPEG, MOV, ASF, iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, Tab, etc.

Videos can be mass produced. For example, create videos with the same videos, background photos but different music, texts or the same logo, texts with a title but different videos, photos, music and description texts, etc.

It can edit all video formats and its features include features such as cut, split, join, merge, crop, resize, rotate, zoom in, zoom out, erase video coloring, change video color, and more.

With Lyric's built-in dynamic video editor, it's easy to create high-quality 2D or 3D karaoke videos with animation effects.

The free version includes tons of features, but to be able to create XNUMXD videos you need to get the Platinum version. 

Finally we must point out that you can create and save videos in resolution up to SD Video (480P 4:3). For more information on the differences between versions see here

OpenShot Video Editor


Free, easy to use and above all feature rich video editor. A new engine has been created to be fast, simple to set up, and to provide an auto-save feature (check the preferences to make sure it's enabled). 

Adding videos is done simply by dragging and dropping video and audio files from your computer's desktop. You can adjust every detail in your videos, such as name, length, frames per second, width, height, aspect ratio, and more.

You can even add titles and subtitles, choose a template, font, color and size of the text and even create amazing 3D Animated titles with dialogue menus in Greek as well.

DaVinci Resolve


DaVinci Resolve is the world's most advanced free professional editing software It's both familiar and uniquely innovative, offering precision tools and the performance you need to craft the perfect videos. 

Equipped with a new high-performance playback engine and many optimizations, it doubles the performance for video playback. It has the most advanced tools of any other system.

You can use dynamic JKL editing, make asymmetrical decorations, cut multiple clips at once, and even cut live during loop playback for precise editing.

It also includes a revolutionary new clip navigation based on audio waveforms that allows you to view the audio waveform and the video clip at the same time. This allows you to quickly navigate to different parts of a clip. 

It also has the ability to process footage from multiple cameras in real time. DaVinci Resolve can even recognize camera start and stop and uses metadata for angle and name information.

With the use of plug in, the possibilities are endless. This means you can add filter effects such as mosaic, blur, flares, film grains and more to create stunning and unique images.

In conclusion, this is an amazing software with features that are hard to find even in paid professional video editing programs.

On the contrary, as is the case with most programs of this kind, it might make it difficult for some. It can run on Windows, macOS and Linux and to download it you will need to register.



Simple and user-friendly video editor for widows and Mac, with Greek menu, which offers a number of features and functions and will help you to adjust and retouch your favorite movies with just a few clicks. 

The application supports various video and audio formats, and even image formats such as BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, SVG, TGA, TIFF. You can analyze the video frame by frame to fix every imperfection. 

The application also provides you with a series of video filters and fully customize the appearance of your movie, in addition, it allows you to work with a series of audio filters that can be useful to you. 

You can convert your video to many different output formats, such as M4A, MXF, VOB, FLV, MP4, M2T, MPG, AVI, MOV, OGG, WebM, etc. 

In conclusion, Shotcut is a comprehensive and effective multimedia editing tool that offers you basic and more complex functions to successfully edit your videos.

HitFilm 4 Express


HitFilm 4 Express is a free video editing software with professional visual effects combined with a wide range of video tutorials. 

Application features include multi-channel processing, advanced 2D and 3D compositing, more than 140 visual effects editor with transitions and many free video tutorials. To download the program click on the GET HITFILM EXPRESS FREE option that you will see at the end of the website and register. 

You will be sent an e-mail containing the link from which to download the application. From there, after installing it on your computer, run it and in the menu that you will see when the application opens, click on the NEW button to start your project (the first time you will be asked for your e-mail to activate the product) select the basic features of your video and press STAR EDITING.

Now, every time you open the app to start a new project tap NEW or if you want to edit a project you have saved but haven't finished editing OPEN.



Free video editor designed to trim, filter and encode video files. It supports many file types, including AVI, DVD compatible MPEG, MP4 and ASF files, using a variety of codecs. 

Tasks can be automated using powerful scripting capabilities. It also provides a large number of video filters, e.g. resize, deinterlace, IVTC, denoise etc.



Professional, free, non-linear video editing and management application in PAL, NTSC and high resolution HD formats. 

It is the fastest and most popular professional video editor. The latest version of Lightworks builds on the accumulated knowledge of twenty consecutive years in the editing category.

It has the widest support for video formats NLE, MXF, QuickTime, AVI ProRes, Avid, DNxHD, AVC-Intra, DVCPRO HD, R3D, DPX, H.264, XDCAM EX / HD 422, etc. 

 It has been used in Oscar-winning films such as "Hugo", "The King's Speech", "The Departed", "Mission Impossible", "Pulp Fiction", "Braveheart", "Batman", and many more . 

To be able to work with the application, you must first register to download it.

VSDC Free Video Editor


Complete video editing application with the help of which we can record and edit our videos. 

It has a large number of effects, color correction, apply video filters to video files and images, even allows you to create your own effects by combining available effects and filters, even allows you to apply sound effects and filters to audio tracks in video and audio files and sound smoothing, volume correction, echo, reverberation, equalizer and more. 

It supports almost all popular video codecs and formats, such as AVI, MP4, MKV, MPG, WMV, 3GP, FLV and others and audio files: MP3, WAV, WMA, FLAC, PCM, OGG, AAC, M4A, AMR as well as image: BMP, JPG, PNG, PSD, ICO, TIFF, etc. 

Use it to create and edit videos of any complexity from a family greeting card to a company presentation. 

Cut, merge video files, apply visual and audio effects, use image filtering and correction, create slideshows and add a suitable soundtrack.

 All popular video and audio formats are supported. VSDC works even on old computers! As a non-linear program, VSDC enables professional-level video production where multiple layers of footage can be combined into a single composition. 

Non-linear also means that video files and images do not necessarily have to follow a linear (direct) sequence and can appear in various places in the scene in sync with other objects and at any time. 

 As a result, you can easily apply an image-to-image effect, a screen-splitting effect, and make objects change their appearance or position over time during playback. 

The program is available absolutely free of charge and there is no restriction on its use. However, we should point out that users can take advantage of VSDC Pro, the professional version application of VSDC Free Video Editor that has a set of editing tools with some extra features for pro-level video production and allows you to edit faster.



Full-featured video editor to create professional-quality videos in minutes. 

Create videos for DVD, HD, 360, and more. Burn movies to DVD and Blu-ray or export your videos online and to your mobile devices. 

It supports all popular video formats without problems. Record video from DV, VHS, GoPro, webcam and all common video file formats including avi, wmv, mpv, divx and more. 

With over 50 visual transition effects to add a professional texture to your movies, with amazing video transitions and effects 3D video editing and 2D to 3D stereo conversion, ability to add text, overlays and effects to 360 videos, text overlay for captions and able to create text title animations in seconds with ready-made templates.

Ice Cream Video Editor


Icecream Video Editor is an easy-to-use video editing software that lets you edit videos and create new ones from videos and photos in minutes.

You can add transitions and background audio, add titles and apply visual effects, rotate, speed up, crop your videos or photos and more. 

 You can even merge videos and photos. Add audio to the video with music or voice, add text anywhere you want, change the speed of the videos and speed them up or slow them down, and create stunning videos with effects and background music from photos and save them to many very high resolution 4k. 

 Combine videos and photos, add transitions, trim videos, add titles and background sound, apply visual effects. 

 Finally, you can rotate, speed up, blur videos and many more tasks.



Free video editor based on many other open source projects, such as FFmpeg, Movit, LADSPA, etc. The software is designed to answer the most simple yet professional requirements of a video editor. It allows you to use and organize various audio and video tracks. 

Its power comes from the very powerful FFmpeg libraries it has and allows you to use almost any audio and video format directly, without the need to convert or re-encode your clip, while offering you many effects and transitions. It includes dozens of options ranging from color correction, audio settings, as well as all the basic transformation options.

It has a built-in title editor and tools to create, move, trim and delete video clips, audio clips, text clips and image clips with the ability to add custom effects and transitions. 

Audio effects include normalization, phase and pitch shift, limiting, volume adjustment, recovery and equalization filters, and more. 

Visual effects include options for masking, rotations, color tools, blurring, masking, and more. However, before starting, (especially if you are a beginner) it would be good to have a look at the user manual of the program (with a Greek translation). 

In conclusion, this is a great program to help you edit your videos, however (although it is not difficult to operate but due to the very large number of features it includes, you may need some time to get used to how it works .

Film Forth


Complete, powerful, video editor This is a free Windows Movie Maker and Slideshow Maker. As a free video editor, filmforth can export all kinds of video formats supporting YouTube, Instagram, IGTV, Snapchat, Twitch. 

You can try it and easily create your own movies or any other slideshow for YouTube or Instagram. 

You can also easily create movies from photos, video clips and add your favorite music. 

Finally you can combine and create a video with photos, add music, transitions, text captions and picture on picture.

XNUMX features you


PearlMountain Limited is a software company that has focused on the research and development of graphics and multimedia software with the goal of making video production available to everyone through an easy-to-use and easy-to-use environment. 

FlexClip is one of her creations and is an easy-to-use video editor that can help you create professional videos and family stories with ease. 

The software includes, FlexClip video maker is with several functions including cutting videos into clips, adding background music, entering text, recording voice and uploading logo and watermark. 

With the Trim video option you can cut your videos without losing quality, you can also add your favorite audio and background music and edit it to fit your video clips perfectly, and finally add your title and logo in the video you created. 

Also, choose the best aspect ratio for your video to be compatible with different platforms or devices, choose the best video resolution for your story and export it for different purposes, and easily create a photo slideshow of your personal images. 

To edit or modify any storyboard you add, you can click the play video button or the add image button at the bottom of the storyboard window to replace the current video or photo. 

 In the free version, you can create 1-minute SD videos with up to 480P resolution. and save your video without watermark (1 video per session).



This is an amazing free video editing app with real multi-track editing and unlimited layers. 

Keyframe-based animation lets you animate almost anything: layer position, opacity, filter parameters, volume, etc.

You can trim the videos, and work with the overlay blending tools for creative multi-layer blending. It also includes filters and transition effects, animated titles and animated vector shapes. 

Finally, you can adjust the speed of the videos and export it in full resolution.

To work with the application you must have access to the internet. 

Regarding the corresponding application VidMix - Video Animation Editor available for mobile phones and tablets through the Google Play Store.

Video Candy


Video Candy was developed by the Icecream Apps team, which stands for proven reliability and high quality for video file editing. In 2016, it introduced PDF Candy to provide users around the world with easy-to-use online PDF tools. 

In recent years there is a great demand for online solutions from many users because of the convenience and other benefits they provide.

So, in the new application, many of the features included in expensive professional video editors for computers were gathered and based on them a unique set of tools was selected for managing and converting video files. 

The way to use it is simple, just choose the tool you want and upload your files by drag and drop on the website or by transferring from Dropbox or Google Drive.



With the increasing demand for high-quality video content, the need for effective and efficient video editing tools has also increased. Web-based video editors are game-changers in this regard, offering user-friendly, affordable, and accessible tools for both amateurs and professionals.

Online video editing tools are browser-based, allowing access from any device with an internet connection. This makes it easy to edit videos anytime, anywhere, without the need for expensive hardware or software installations. 

Traditional video editing software can be expensive, often requiring a significant amount to purchase or recurring subscription fees. Online video editors, on the other hand, often offer free or affordable pricing models, making them a friendly alternative for users with different needs.

Web-based video editors are designed with simplicity in mind, with easy-to-use menus aimed at users with little or no video editing experience. This enables both amateurs and professionals to create high-quality content without a steep learning curve.

A good online video editor offers a wide range of editing tools and features, including cropping, splitting, merging, adding text and images, removing backgrounds, creating captions, and applying filters and transitions. This allows users to create professional-looking videos that serve a variety of purposes and platforms. 

Web-based video editors are constantly updated and improved by their developers, ensuring that users have access to the latest features and tools. This eliminates the need to manually update software as everything is handled through the browser.

So welcome to Edit-Videos-Online.com, your one stop solution for creating amazing videos, an online application that allows users to edit and create videos without the need to register or install software. You can even add text, captions and subtitles to your videos using the available editor tools.

Also, add music, voices and other audio tracks to your videos using the built-in audio editor. The video editor supports a wide range of popular video formats such as MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV and FLV. 

It also allows you to trim, split, merge and personalize your videos as well as edit them from any device and browser.

100% Free, with unlimited video editing with no hidden fees or subscription fees.

All videos you upload are encrypted and automatically deleted from the app's servers, for security reasons, after 24 hours.



Clipchamp is a multi-layered video editor that you can access online. It integrates with cloud storage solutions and is designed to help users transition into video editing. 

It supports Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge but does not work with Mozilla Firefox. The video editor has all the features needed to create great videos without requiring any special skills. 

 Edit clips of all sizes right in the browser. You can export your videos in the resolution that's best for your project, including HD for stunning clips for use on the web. 

The default export option is 480p. You can add your own audio files or choose from the app's library of stock audio. The program equips you with the basics, such as tools for cropping, cropping and speed control. 

It also has professional features such as filters and titles. You never have to start from scratch thanks to Clipchamp's video templates. Choose from hundreds of designer templates that you can customize with your own graphics, text and logos.

 Explore Clipchamp's stock library of over 1 million royalty-free assets. Also browse carefully curated collections so you can choose the perfect song, sound effects or video to complement the videos you create. 

Capture content without even leaving Clipchamp using its high-quality screen and camera recorders. 

To work with the application you must register. In its free version it outputs videos with 480p resolution. Supports Greek menu.

MiniTool MovieMaker Free


Free, powerful software for Windows that will help you create amazing video clips in the simplest way possible. 

It has tons of features and can help you to trim, trim, split, merge, rotate, mix videos, choose cool effects, speed up or slow down video and much more. 

In simpler words I would say it is probably the most ideal software to create realistic photo collections and keep your memories alive by collecting special moments in your XNUMXD photo album create a video clip to show your love to your parents for your wedding, or choose to create a photo gallery of your family. 

In conclusion, it is an amazing piece of software that perfectly fulfills its purpose for which it was created and that sets the only limit as your imagination.

Canva Video Editor 


Create professional looking videos from your browser using Canva's drag and drop editor with transitions, animations, designer fonts, audio library and more.

Upload and manage your media clips, drag and drop them on a timeline, and trim, trim, split, speed up, and resize clips all in one video editor. 

Personalize with Canva's media library. Add the finishing touches with your own content or from our media content library, including watermark-free stock footage, video clips, effects, graphics and stickers. 

Complete with music, audio tracks, sound effects and voice commands. You will find millions of FREE images and illustrations to choose from. Schedule and publish your videos on TikTok Video, Video Slideshow, Video Collage, YouTube Video, Instagram Stories and more.

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