How to check if your account has been compromised


Data breaches are uncontrollable and many do not appreciate their scale or frequency. Gathering the data, I hope it not only helps victims find out about the fate of their accounts, but also highlights the seriousness of the risks of online cyber-attacks, says Troy Hunt, Microsoft's Regional Director for Developer Security, an international security speaker. on the internet and author of many top security courses.

But let's get to the point and look at the website that this gentleman created. This is an amazing online application that includes lists of email accounts and other personal information that has been compromised or intercepted by hacker owners around the world. There are about 3,8 billion stolen or hacked accounts so far.

But let's see what we can do through the application. So if you suspect or are just curious that one of your accounts may have been intercepted by hackers just enter the username or e-mail used to log in to the services you are registered and see the results immediately.

If you are lucky you do not need to do anything, but if you now see that the account is violated, give an e-mail for confirmation and after the confirmation e-mail is sent to you, click on it and you will see in detail the service from where the password your username or other personal information has been intercepted.

Of course, what you should do next if you have not already done so is simply to change your passwords on the service where your data has been intercepted if you do not want to have unwanted visits to your accounts.

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