Saturday May 27 2023

GT Text: Convert texts from images to editable texts


GT Text is an amazing free software OCR program that will enable us to convert images containing texts into normal editable text. Its operation is very simple and it supports many languages ​​including Greek. 

Through the application you can edit images that contain text for example, you can scan books or magazines and save the pages you want as images and from there copy its text into a text document in Word or any other word processor . 

You can even save sections or pages from pdf documents as images and edit them in the same way. Finally, it gives you the possibility to capture any web page or part of it and in the same way to export the text.

After downloading the application run it and click the button add languages to add if you want more languages. 

From there, if you want, for example, to edit a text for an image that you have saved on your computer, first select the language of the document from the menu, and then drag the image with your mouse into the program frame or select file- open and add your image.

Now, to OCR an image select from the program menu first select the language of the document, then press Open and load the image. 

From there, choose Tools - Copy Text From Full Image and in the box with the image of the document that we will see press continue, select with the Mouse, (left click) the part of the document you want to OCR, and in the window that will open press Continue, from there we open a blank document text, or any blank page in Word or any text editor and we paste.

As you will see, depending on the quality of the image that the application will read, the success of the program reaches almost 100% for texts in the English language, while in tests I did with images that contained text in Greek, the success approaches 90-95% depending on the image quality.

Let us now come to the possibility of selection on the internet, in this case, after running the application and having open the website of which we want to edit a part of its text, we click on the button copy text from screen area and the program will automatically edit the text we have selected.

In the same way, we press continuously and paste the text into our text editor.  For example, now suppose you want to convert a scanned document to text, click file-import from scanner or camera and scan your document .

From there, after the scan is complete, you will see the image of the scanned document in the application menu. 

To edit it and save it as text, click  OCR of all images, you will see a preview of the text, press and hold and open a word document or a text editor and paste (right click with mouse or CTRL+v with keyboard) the text.
Download the GT Text application
(right click and select, save link as, on the page you will be taken to)
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