PIXresizer: Convert your photos to smaller sizes


It may have occurred to you many times that you want to convert your photos to some specific smaller sizes, but you do not know how or what the right program might be for this purpose. PIXresizer I believe responds perfectly to this type of query and helps us to simply and quickly resize our photos so that we can manage them better and easier especially if we want to upload them to the internet or attach them to our communications (e-mails). The strong point of the application that makes the difference is the mass processing-conversion of photos since with very simple settings and quickly we are given the opportunity to convert large file sizes (for example photos from cameras) to classic dimensions easily manageable. 

As you can see there are two options, Work with one file and work multiple files. By selecting the first one, we can edit our photos one by one, through the classic standard menu of the program that you see in the photo below, and save them in one of the image formats that it has: But what is particularly interesting is the mass conversion of photos that we will find in the second option (work multiple files):

  • After selecting the folder with the photos we want to convert.
  • We specify in which folder we want to save them.
  • Select their size from the set the size of the larger dimension option.
  • We choose the format we want the images to have after their conversion and finally,
  • Click on Savepictures. The whole process is quite fast and is not going to take much time (a few seconds) 

  • Of course the time can be a little different if for example we convert hundreds of photos with very large size, but even so on a modern computer it will not take you much time.

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