TrackView: Turn your mobile tablet or PC into a security camera


This application is a special case that turns smartphones, tablets and computers into a connected mobile surveillance and surveillance system with location and remote recording capabilities that can easily replace an IP camera for video surveillance.

It also turns phones and tablets into a GPS tracking device and allows you real-time remote monitoring. TrackView is the only app that can perform GPS tracking, video tracking, remote video recording and more.

You can use it to find your phone, watch your car, watch your family members for safety, fight theft, fire, watch your baby, or pets. TrackView is simple to install. You can use your existing Gmail account username and password to sign in to TrackView.

Use the same account to connect to all devices. Before logging in, give your device a device name so that you can identify it. To download the application for windows, Mac, iOS Click here.

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TAGS: Android , webcams

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