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18 Free File Encryption Apps for Windows


Encryption is a method we use to hide important documents or files from prying eyes or even send information that cannot be read by a third party. We present to you 18 of the best free programs for this purpose that can cover a wide range of applications.



Silver Key is a very useful and simple application that encrypts your data and creates an encrypted packet that can be securely sent over the internet. The package may contain a file, a group of files and folders, or simply a confidential message. 

This way, you can securely transfer files or messages between your computer desktop and your Android device, or exchange files within a workgroup. 

You can encrypt and upload a file with just one click. From there, double-click the downloaded package to decrypt it. 

It can also run as an application without installation. Designed for secure file sharing Silver Key encrypts files and creates an encrypted packet that can be securely sent over the internet. 

Easy to use, just select a file and press encrypt and upload. Silver Key will encrypt the file, and then you can upload the resulting encrypted package to your chosen web storage. 

To download a remote encrypted package select download and decrypt to recover your data.

Secret Disk


Secret Disk is a simple free application that can create an additional hard drive on your computer, which can be invisible and locked with a password. This way you can hide files and folders that you don't want others to see. 

You don't need to format your hard drive or make any changes to the boot sector. The program will create a new disk automatically very quickly. 

In case of power failure or operating system crash your disk will be locked and become invisible automatically. The program does not encrypt files, it simply hides access to your files.

Crypto Filer


Encrypt and decrypt files and documents through the most popular cryptographic standards, including TripleDES, Blowfish, TwoFish, Cast128, DES, Ice, Ice2, RC2, RC4, RijnDael, Serpent, Tea, Thin Ice, TripleDES, Blowfish, Twofish, CAST128 .

One of the main features of the program is the ability to encrypt and decrypt large files. To encrypt-decrypt any file or document, simply, after installing the program, select the file (right click) and click on the corresponding option. For decryption, go the opposite way.

Free Folder Hider


There is no user who does not have personal, private or confidential files on his computer that he would not want someone else to see, even if he is a family member. Such files and folders need security protection. 

Free Folder Hider is a simple free program that will help you make your personal folders so that any unauthorized person cannot access them. It can hide and password protect files, folders, images and documents in seconds. However, the program only hides the folders, but does not encrypt the files.



Top open source file encryption software for Windows. AxCrypt can prove to be a useful complement to services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Live Mesh, SkyDrive and Box.net. With the password you specify along with the use of strong encryption that the application uses you can protect any number of files. 

Open your files by clicking the My computer icon (my computer) click on the hard drive where you have stored the files you want to encrypt and right click on the folder or file you want to encrypt and press encrypt, now wait a little until the job is done.

AxCrypt encrypts files with characteristic security and ease while giving you the ability to send them to other users via e-mail or any other means. 

Of course, in order for the recipient to be able to open it, he must have AxCrypt installed on his computer and of course know the password with which you have protected it. To activate the program you must first register (free).

Crypto Notepad


Free, simple, text editor, similar to Windows Notepad. Its purpose is to encrypt the text that we will type in the processor at the time of its storage, with strong AES algorithms. 

The menu is the same as that of the Windows notebook. If you want to decrypt your files on another computer, you must use the same encryption parameters.

Crypto Message


Encrypt, decrypt messages and chats using the most popular cryptographic standards including, TripleDES, Blowfish, TwoFish, Cast128, DES, Ice, Ice2, and more. 

What you will have to do is write your message in the blank box of the application, choose an encryption template, add a strong code and finally press the Encrypt button to start the encryption process. 

From there, you can copy the encrypted file and paste it in an e-mail, or send it in any other way to the person you care about. All the recipient has to do is copy the encrypted text into the application box, press Decrypt and read it.



Encrypt files and folders and save them to your computer or send them via e-mail, Dropbox, USB stick or any other way by securing them with AES-256 encryption. Encrypto can encrypt any file or folder. 

Using the program is extremely simple, after running the application drag into the program menu the file(s) you want to encrypt, alternatively, press add file to add files for encryption or add folder to add folders. 

From there and then on the next tab add a strong password to secure it even better and press the Encrypt button to start encryption. From there, click on the Save As button and save the encrypted file wherever you want.

Rohos Mini Drive


Free application that protects a USB flash drive by creating a hidden and encrypted partition on the disk. If you have a lot of private files on your USB drive and want to keep them secret, you can protect them with a password and strong encryption using Rohos Mini Drive. 

It also offers a portable encryption tool to work with an encrypted partition on any computer. 

It automatically detects the USB flash drive and sets the properties for the encrypted partition. You just need to provide a password to protect it. With just one click you can save your first file to a protected volume. 

Encryption is automatic and in place. You can access your secret drive by entering the correct password. Disk alerts help you know when the secured partition is connected or disconnected. 

With the Rohos Portable Disk Browser you can work with a password-protected partition on any computer without administrator privileges or by installing additional software. Works like Windows Explorer, displaying folders and files.

cryptsync Files


Free application that will help you synchronize your files in an encrypted folder, whether it is located on the local network or on the Internet in Cloud services such as SkyDrive, GDrive Dropbox, etc. 

You can set up multiple pairs and sync them so that you keep a copy of them in a format that is encrypted. You should select the source folder that you want to sync, and a destination folder that you want to sync your files to. 

You will also need to provide a password for encryption. It is important to remember the password because if you lose it you will not be able to decrypt your files later.



This is the best free disk creation and encryption software from IDRIX based on TrueCrypt 7.1a. It adds enhanced security to the algorithms used to encrypt systems and partitions, which makes it immune to new attack developments. 

It also fixes many vulnerability and security issues found in TrueCrypt. This enhanced security adds some delay ONLY to the opening of encrypted partitions with no further impact on application performance in the use phase. 

The way to use it is not very simple, and we describe it in detail below. Before starting, press Settings and select Greek menu.



OpenPuff is a professional steganography tool, with unique features you won't find in any other free or commercial software. It is 100% free and suitable for transmitting extremely sensitive data. 

Additionally, you can hide files up to 256Mb in size. However, in addition to the ability of the application to hide files inside others, it can also be used for the authenticity of a file, giving us the possibility to digitally sign a file that belongs to us.

Paranoia Text Encryption


Paranoia text encryption app keeps your notes, emails, social media messages and any other text safe from snoopers, hackers and prying eyes in general. The app provides real security as data is encrypted using strong encryption algorithms. To encrypt a text enter your password, choose an encryption method, copy and paste or type your text inside the application menu, and finally press Encrypt.

Encrypt Care


Easy-to-use and feature-rich encryption software that allows the user to encrypt or decrypt text and create, verify, and extract file checksums. 

You can use it to encrypt and decrypt text and messages, to encrypt and decrypt files - photos, documents, programs, etc. and to generate and verify the checksum of texts and files. 

It supports various algorithms (AES, Blowfish, CAST, DES, IDEA, RC2, RC4, ), various hashes (MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512) and includes full windows support.

Encoding Decoding Free


Simple fast and powerful app, the best and easiest way to encrypt and decrypt any type of file and hide sensitive data you want to keep away from prying eyes. It's probably the best way to encode and decode any file type, but I'd say by far the easiest. 

You can use it to hide all your sensitive data or important documents or keep them out of sight. 

Simply select the file you want to encrypt, enter a strong password and within a short time (depending of course on the size of the file) your file will be encrypted so that no one but you or any authorized user can open it. . 

Be careful not to forget the password, otherwise you will not be able to decrypt the encrypted files. 

The new version is not compatible with older versions 1.xx, so before using the new program it is recommended to recover your old files with older versions of Encoding Decoding and re-encode them. .



Cryptomator is a simple tool for your digital self-defense. It allows you to protect your data in the cloud, yourself. With Cryptomator, the key to your data is in your hands since the application encrypts your data quickly and easily. 

Then you securely upload them to your favorite cloud service. Most cloud providers only encrypt data in transit or keep the decryption keys for themselves. 

These keys can be stolen, copied or misused. With Cryptomator only you have the key to your data. It allows you to access your files from all your devices. 

It's simple to use and integrates seamlessly between your data and the cloud. Cryptomator's technology meets the latest standards and encrypts files and filenames with AES and a 256-bit key length. 

To get started with the app, you assign a password for a folder (we call it a vault) within your cloud. 

That's all. To access the vault, simply retype the password. You will be given a virtual encrypted drive that you can move your data to (just like a USB flash drive). 

Whenever you save something to this drive, Cryptomator will automatically encrypt the data. The technology behind it is state-of-the-art and encrypts files and filenames with AES and 256-bit security encryption meaning no one can see your data.

AES Crypt


File encryption software available for various operating systems that uses the industry standard Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to encrypt files easily and securely and does not require an expert to use. 

The only thing you need to do is right-click on a file, select AES encryption or AES Decryption, enter a password, and the program will do the rest. 

On a Mac, you can drag a file into AES Crypt and type in the required password. Using a strong 256-bit encryption algorithm, it can ensure absolute security for your most sensitive files. 

Once your file is encrypted, there's no need to worry since it's completely useless to whoever owns it without the password. 

 However, since the code we will type is of utmost importance (depending on the importance of the file or documents we want to encrypt) you should put some strong password.

Wise Folder


Free program with the help of which we can hide our data. You can use it to hide your files and folders on local partitions of hard drives or removable devices. 

The security it provides you is excellent since the data cannot be accessed by other programs or by other operating systems. The only way to access and view the data is to enter the valid password, and as you understand you should write down the password somewhere so you don't forget it. 

The application is designed for home use only and is not recommended for commercial activities of this type which naturally require even more stringent security measures. In many cases, you need to share a USB drive with others and some logical files will be read by others. 

With Wise Folder Hider, you can hide and password protect your personal files and folders on your USB stick with one click. Even if the USB is lost, your files will not be stolen. 

When you use Wise Folder Hider for the first time, you need to set a login password. Within the program, you can set a second-level password for each file, folder, USB drive. 

Anyone else cannot uninstall the program without a login password. Different from other folder hiders, when it comes to modifying a hidden file or folder, users don't need to hide it, edit it, and then hide it again. 

A single click on the 'Open' button will open the hidden file or folder to make it visible to you. You can then edit or modify it as if it hadn't been hidden. When you're done editing, close the program and the file or folder will automatically hide again, saving you extra steps.
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