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Monitor and block suspicious process behaviors to prevent malware, ransomware, and other threats from infecting your computer. 

Analyzes parent processes and prevents, for example, MS Word from running cmd.exe or powershell.exe, prevents ransomware from deleting shadow copies of files via vssadmin.exe, blocks processes with duplicate file extensions (e.g. .exe), blocks USB spreading malware and more.

It's lightweight, zero-configuration, and works in the background, protecting your system. Monitors and blocks suspicious process behaviors to prevent infections from malware, ransomware and other threats.

Simply put, OSArmor plays an important role in improving your computer's security and adds a powerful extra layer of defense to prevent known and unknown threats by analyzing process behaviors. 

It uses very complex rules to decide what process behavior is considered suspicious or known malicious. If a process does something suspicious or triggers OSArmor rules, it will be automatically blocked. With OSArmor you can write your own rules to block specific process behaviors. 

For example, you can block unsigned processes in specific folders, you can block new LOLBins behavior, you can block processes with a specific file name or running from a specific parent process, the possibilities are mostly "infinite".

The program does not use more than 50 MB of memory and the CPU usage is very low even if you run many applications at the same time or "heavy" applications. You won't even notice that OSArmor is running on your system and keeps it safe with its complex process behavior analysis engine.

Along with preset and selectable rules, it uses thousands of internal rules to detect known and unknown suspicious process activities. These complex and intelligent internal rules are very effective in blocking current (and future) malicious process behavior using predictive analytics.

The app is available for free for 30 days, so from then on you can choose if you like the plan you want.

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