Thursday 16 March 2023

Veyon : Powerful teaching tool for teachers


Veyon is a powerful teaching tool for teachers. Allows you to view and control other computers on your network in a variety of ways. It supports Linux and Windows and can even be used transparently in mixed environments! Unlike widely used commercially equivalent software, it's free!

 Designed for use at school. It offers many possibilities for teachers, such as seeing what is happening in the labs of other computers by using the overview and taking snapshots on remote control computers, to support and help your students by showing for example a demo (in full screen or in window) the teacher's screen will appear on all students 'computers in real time, even lock students' workstations, send text messages to your students, turn on or off, and restart computers remotely perform remote connection and disconnection and remote command execution.

With Veyon you always have complete control of your class. You can view all computer screens in one icon view and access individual computers with a single click. Capturing computer screenshots is also a one-click operation. Pay attention to your lesson by shutting down all computers and blocking input devices with a single button. 

With previous products like iTALC, you had to manually add all the computers or create scripts to create XML files that were tedious and error prone. With Veyon you can simply use all the information already stored on your LDAP or ActiveDirectory server. Adjust the LDAP module once and Veyon will automatically update the computers and room information.

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