Sunday 25 February 2018

Do you think that no one can recognize you?


The evolution of technology in recent years as we all know is very great, but one would think that for example in a very large demonstration or gathering of people it would be impossible to identify almost all the people involved in it or not? You will get the answer by visiting the relevant website at the end of the article. Position the cursor anywhere in the crowd by double-clicking a few times and then using the mouse scroll to zoom in and focus on whichever person you want as far away as it seems. Imagine now what they can see in secret. 

 For the story, the photo that refers to the link refers to Canada and specifically to some rallies-demonstrations that took place in Vancouver. The photo is relatively old (taken by Port Moody and published in Tri-City News 24, June 2011 and consists of 216 photos taken together in 15 minutes, the final file is a composition of images with giant dimensions 69.394 X 30.420 pixels or 2.110 megapixels, the result is what you see.

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