Friday 20 January 2023

Greek TV : Probably the best free app to watch online, Greek and Cypriot channels on your mobile


Greek TV is an application with which you can watch Greek and Cypriot channels online, for free and in live streaming. The application is one of the few greek webtv applications that work properly. 

The menu of the application is properly structured and divided into categories according to the thematic category of the respective channel. So in addition to the classic well-known channels, you can also watch regional channels. 

The picture quality is excellent and during my test it worked almost most of the available channels. For the application to work you must have a streaming player installed on your device. 

As you can see from the settings it supports a large number of players. Although it has been updated for a long time, I still think it is the best app out there for this purpose. For it to work, you need to install iptv core (you will be prompted to install it).
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