Thursday April 8 2021

EASY SCREEN OCR: Convert any text from images to editable text


EASY SCREEN OCR is a smart application that can help you in the most efficient way to capture as a screenshot texts from various documents or web pages and then export them as text. Quite simple to use, worth a try. Easy OCR supports the recognition of more than 100 languages ​​worldwide. The way it works is very simple. After installing the program on your computer, right-click on the application icon that you will see at the bottom right of your computer taskbar, click on Preference and select the language of the text. From there click on Capture and click on the area where you want to export the text and click on the OCR button.

Finally, select the text to be extracted from the text field and copy it to any word processor.

In the case of large texts for even more faithful results, I recommend that you select and extract the text from your paragraph-by-paragraph image.

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TAGS: Graphics , OCR

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