Friday May 27 2022

DesignCap: Create posters, banners, business cards and flyers in minutes


Create posters and flyers in minutes, get inspired by hundreds of professionally designed templates and create your own posters and flyers for different occasions and events. Enhance your posters and flyers with a wide variety of photos, clipart images, shapes, fonts and backgrounds. The application is fully customizable with many powerful editing tools that allow you to customize your posters and flyers like a pro with just a few clicks of the mouse.

It also includes hundreds of professionally designed templates, a wide variety of photo clipart images, text fonts and background. Choose from hundreds of poster and brochure templates to embark on your design journey. All poster and brochure designs cover a variety of topics such as advertising, sales, wedding, sports, holidays and more to give you ideas and inspiration.

However, regardless of the purpose of your posters or brochures, DesignCap will meet all your needs. To further enhance your posters and flyers, you can upload your own photos.

DesignCap offers many professional editing tools to customize your posters and booklets as you like, such as resizing, positioning, rotating, changing text font, color, effects, alignment, custom background application, and layer management.

Nothing can stop you from πfolding σας your creativity and creating amazing posters and flyers that will impress your audience. DesignCap offers many editing tools to customize your image, such as applying effects, cropping, and layer management. After you choose to use one of the templates, use the tools in the toolbar in the upper left corner.

Let's see what it includes now: In the templates category you can find a huge variety of available templates broken down by category such as music, education and more. In the photos option you can upload pictures, import Facebook photos and other online images.

In the text category you will find all the options needed to add text, change the font and more, finally by selecting BKGground you can specify a color or select a pattern for the background of the poster you want to create.

Once you have finished creating your poster, click the save button at the top and select the format in which you want to save your graphic. In summary, we conclude that this is one of the best applications of its kind that is distinguished not only for its simplicity of use but also for the number of content and the range of possibilities it provides.

So. you can use it to create, business cards, posters, graphics for all uses, various menus, invitations, greeting cards, birthday cards, banner ads and anything else you can imagine.

The application includes three options, the free, simple e-mail registration that has a limited number of features, templates and graphics available, the Basic that includes an unlimited number of templates, an unlimited number of icons, an unlimited number of photos, high resolution photos and PDF export , the ability to add 100 images and save 100 drawings, and the Plus which includes all the above of the basic version with the difference that in it you can upload up to 1000 images and save over 1000 drawings.

In conclusion, if you are professionally engaged in the production of graphics and designs, or if you just want to enjoy all the features of the application, the amount for upgrading to Basic and Plus is very low compared to the features it offers.

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