Thursday 11 May 2023

John's Background Switcher: Set as Wallpapers photos from Flickr, Facebook, Instagram


If you are tired of seeing the same image on your computer screen then John's Background Switcher is the software you need. With the help of the application you can put beautiful photos in full screen on your desktop from Flickr, Facebook, Instagram and other sites.

To configure the application after installing it, click on the application icon and press Settings. From there, press Add and add the location you want the images to load.

Now, select the change time, i.e. whenever you want the image to change. You can set it to change every 10 seconds up to every 7 days. You can also choose how you want to see your image, eg full screen, collage style, etc.  

JBS resides in your system tray (under the clock) and changes your background to the time interval of your choice. You tell it where to get photos from and how to display them. It's up to you and you never know what will happen next! You add as many sets of images from as many different places as you want to the list and decide how you want them to appear.

Additional detail options are available from the More Settings dialog The notification icon allows you to open settings, pause scrolling, view all downloaded photos.

Finally, from the application's main menu, press more and change the default settings if you wish, such as whether you want the application to start automatically when you log in to Windows, or change the combination on your keyboard so that every time you wish to change image do it from there.


 Where can we get photos from? Fortunately our options are many, however, let's look at some of them.
  •  From individual images on your computer, such as folders containing images on your computer, eg My Pictures. 
  • Share photos from Flickr – select images by person, tags, sets or just randomly. You never know what you'll get next.
  • From Google Photos
  • Pixabay, probably the best place to find royalty free photos online.
  • Unsplash, beautiful photos from the world's most generous community of photographers. Pexels, royalty-free images shared by creators!
  •  From any media RSS feed – choose images from sites like DeviantArt, Photobucket and LOLCats among many others
  •  From Dropbox 
  • Last.fm , see the music you're listening to on your desktop.
  • Wallhaven, lots of awesome wallpapers.

John's Background Switcher app 
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