Portscan: Find the open ports on your computer


Find all active devices on your network, discover the IP address and services available for each network device and the speed of your Internet connection. PortScan offers similar and more functional features than the Network Utility used in Mac OS X. 

Shows all open ports and additional information such as hostname, MAC address, HTTP, SMB, FTP, iSCSI, SMTP, SNMP, MySQL and MongoDB. 

You can search for UPnP enabled devices, Bonjour services, Netgear router, Synology NAS devices, Buffalo NAS devices, Epson projectors, Samsung printers, HP (Service Location Protocol) printers, MSA network devices, Freecom network devices and IPv6 devices. 

So you can find them even if you do not know the IP address. You can also ping any computer every ten times or ping the computer continuously and see in a graph the distribution of response times. Finally, test your Internet connection speed by uploading data to different servers.

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