SuperTuxKart: 3D racing game with cartoon characters


SuperTuxKart is a free 3D racing game. You can play alone against the PC, with your friends on a PC, against each other or even online. You can even do a single race against others and compete in one of the many Grand Prix, your goal is to try to collect the highest score. It includes tons of tracks and arenas that expand to even more by adding add-ons.

Its positive features include, among others, the multilingual environment of the game and as you understood, it also supports and has a Greek menu. is a XNUMXD, open source electronic road racing game, with a variety of characters, tracks and categories to play.

There are various tracks with different themes from underwater driving, rural areas, jungles or even in space! Try as much as you can to avoid other cars where they can overtake you, but do not fall on the bananas! Keep in mind bowling balls, suction cups, bubbles and cakes that will come from your opponents.

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OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows, Android, linux, macOS

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