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Despite the "dramatic" improvement in specifications and falling prices on SSDs, the classic hard drive is still the first choice on many computers. It is one of the most basic subsystems of a computer as it stores all our information. As it is known, it consists of mechanical parts and develops due to the temperature and the friction of its mechanical parts during its use, gradual problems that have to do mainly with the fidelity of writing and reading data in its fields. 

The hard disk consists of magnetic disks made of metal or plastic and coated with a thin layer of iron oxide or other magnetic material. the axis of motion around which the magnetic disks rotate at the same speed. read / write heads on arms above and below each disc surface, moving back and forth. The combination of the movement of the arms with the movement of the discs, allow the heads to have access to all points of the discs. However, some of the major disadvantages of hard drives in addition to their very low speed compared to SSDs is the phenomenon of data fragmentation. 

So, over time and with continuous recordings, the data on the disk space is dispersed thus making its performance slower since the heads do not find the data in a row. For this purpose we use decontamination programs to perform the well-known Defrag. Of course, today's hard drives have big differences and much higher performance than the old ones, but the problem of fragmentation still exists. On the other hand, solid state drives or as we all know them as SSDs do not use moving parts and the data is stored in electronic circuits. 

The write and read speeds of an SSD are infinitely faster than those of a standard disk, it makes no noise, does not heat up and is not fragmented due to the nature of the storage method. However, contrary to popular belief, it is not immortal and its lifespan depends on the total number of recordings made. However, you should not worry, since in this case we are talking about many thousands of registrations. 

So an SSD has essentially the same or more lifespan than a classic hard drive (under normal handling) provided it does not exceed the total write limit set by each manufacturer. Σthe question asked by many if we need to do rebuild and on SSDs the answer is how not, since not only is it not necessary but also because we burden our SSD during the reconstruction with useless data recordings that have no substantial benefit to the functionality of the disk since the NAND electronic circuits have these limits (some thousands of write cycles) , so rebuilding can shorten the life of an SSD by unnecessarily writing data to it. Needless to say, but for our very novice readers, you can also rebuild your disks through the built-in Windows application. But let's look at the applications now.


Disk fragmentation is generally the main cause of slow and unstable computer performance. In order to speed up the hard disk so that it has faster access to data, Smart Defrag provides the efficient technology of defragmentation on hard disks and SSDs with multi-threading defragging at the same time. Once you're done, you can now enjoy your favorite games at a faster boot speed and copy files only half the time than before. Certain boot files on the system disk are not allowed to be moved safely while Windows is running, this causes the system to boot more slowly.  Smart Defrag's Defrag Boot-time feature can help you defrag by providing security for your files. It also lets you customize defrag by adding specific files to the system boost time. Smart Defrag not only provides disk defragmentation like any other similar tool, but also optimizes optimization by streamlining your files based on their usage.   


Very small but with features inversely proportional to its size, a really excellent program, with the help of which we can decompress our hard drives quickly, simply and safely. 


WinContig is an easy-to-use standalone reconstruction tool that does not create installation directories or registry entries on your computer. Its purpose is to defrag your files without necessarily defragging the entire disk. In addition, it allows you to group files into profiles, but it also accepts a number of optional command line switches that you can use to control how the program works. 


Fragmentation of data on hard drives leads to slow performance of PCs, crashes, slow start-up delays in shutdowns and sometimes, system failures. Auslogics Disk Defrag is designed to quickly optimize today's modern hard drives, speeding up your PC. 


The files stored on your hard drive over time become fragmented for a variety of reasons thus reducing its performance and of course the overall speed of your computer. However Puran Defrag provides the solution. It is a small disk defragmenter that optimizes your hard disk by collecting the fragmented sections of the files and storing them in one part of the disk so that the reading of the data from the hard disk heads is immediate. This process increases your hard drive performance and therefore the overall speed of your computer while reducing wear and tear on your hard drive by increasing its lifespan. It will work just as well from Windows Xp to Windows 10. 


Glarysoft Disk SpeedUp is a valuable new free application that will help us optimize our hard drives in a very short time. With large, easy-to-read keys and tabs, it offers all the basic functions, fast, since it only takes a few seconds to scan your entire disk, with the most advanced settings, safe and secure, designed in such a way that rebuilds and optimizes hard drives securely, without problems on the hard disk and the data stored on it.


Many times we notice that our computer is slower than in the past, due to the fragmentation of files. SpeeDefrag is a free product that can be used to optimize the performance of your computer's hard drives in Windows.


UltraDefrag is another free application that supports the reconstruction of locked system files during the boot process. It is easy to use without complicated configuration settings. You can filter the files you edit by size, how fragmented they are, by file name and path. Finally, you can end the process by setting a run time limit.

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