DiskGenius: Format, Delete, Hide, Modify, and Restore Lost Partitions


DiskGenius is an amazing free application to create, format, delete, hide partitions of your hard drives, with features to set active partition, modify partition parameters, convert between primary partition between and logical drives, quick partition, resize, split and extend partition without data loss, rebuild MBR (Master Boot Record), delete free space, verify and repair Bad Sectors, view SMART information, convert MBR to GPT or GPT to MBR and many more functions that you will hardly find in a free program of this kind.

The Standard version includes quite complete functions for data recovery, disk management and data backup, which would be the best choice for home users, the professional version provides more advanced and notable features such as hex editor, sector copy, building virtual RAID, restoring encrypted partitions, managing virtual disks and so on, which is suitable for IT professionals, technicians or service providers.

The Free Edition also provides several functions for managing partitions and disks and recovering lost files (described in the first paragraph). However, for a more detailed description read the differences here.

An important detail: For the safety of your data, do not install the application if you wish to recover lost partitions, on a partition of the disk that you wish to restore

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