24 Best Free Photo Editing Apps for Windows


Photo editing belongs to one of the most popular software categories. For this purpose there are many applications that can help you to edit your photos in the best way and achieve the result you want.

However, depending on the program you use the difficulty can be from zero to quite high depending on your experience and the program you are running. 

Focusing mainly on convenience but at the same time on the maximum degree of efficiency, today we have chosen and present to you the best free graphic editing programs for all tastes, from beginners to professional graphic designers.



GIMP is a multi-functional photo editing tool, suitable for a variety of image handling tasks, including photo editing, image composition and image creation with many features. It can be used as a simple painting program, a high quality photo editing program, as an image type converter, etc.

It is expandable and extensible. as it is designed to accept plugins and extensions to do almost anything graphically. One of GIMP's strengths is its free availability from many sources for many operating systems. Most GNULinux distributions include GIMP as a standard application.

GIMP is also available for other operating systems such as Microsoft Windows or Apple's Mac OS X (Darwin). GIMP is a free software application covered by the General Public License [GPL]. The GPL gives users the freedom to access and change the source code that makes up computer programs. 

It is not without reason considered one of the best free photo editing programs and indeed with a great appeal. 

It can be used as a simple editor or as a complete and professional photo editing program such as photo editing program, mass production image renderer, image converter, etc.

Hornil stylepix


One of the best graphic editors with many features. Even if you have no experience with these types of apps, you can easily learn to edit and retouch your photos yourself.

One of the very strong points of the application is the ability to restore colors and imperfections in your photos, the ability to remove the red-eye effect and the addition of many different effects as well as the classic functions that we see in such applications such as rotation, scaling, scattering and color effects. If you choose the Portable version no installation is required.

RealWorld Paint


RealWorld Paint is a multi-layer image viewer and editor with many features such as designing logos, buttons, professional web icons as well as raster vector layers.

You can also use it to retouch your photos, remove unwanted spots and blemishes on your photos and resize your photos. 

Also make animated Gif images and use layers and styles and many more graphic facilities that you will hardly find in free programs of this kind. 

Its use is relatively simple, although for some specialized actions a relevant experience is required, as is the case with any kind of program of this level.

The important thing is that all the settings provided by the application are properly structured in the program menu without hidden menus so that you can find what you want without searching.



Free, open source image editing software with layers support. It has more than 80 distinct image filters with great features and color adjustments. 

If you want to save your images, you can use one of four available JPEG, PNG, BMP or GIF formats. Finally you have the possibility to save your images with a transparent background in png format.

Image Analyzer


Advanced image processing application, with enhancement and analysis capabilities. The program includes some of the most advanced image enhancement features found in conventional image editing programs as well as a number of advanced features not available even in professional photography suites. 

App features include automatic brightness, contrast, gamma and saturation adjustment. 

It also includes conventional and adaptive noise reduction filters, retouching tools, basic support for layers, a filter to reduce shadows and increase local contrast, easy red-eye removal, resize, rotate, crop and warp images, support scanner, printer camera and more.

Chasys Draw IE


Free graphics editor, including editing, converting, and viewing images.

The program is designed to provide the best possible performance especially for multi-core processors but also cooperation with touch screens, it is available for free with full image editing capabilities, as well as many other features that really set it apart not only from free but from many professional programs of the kind, since you have the ability to associate it with various types of files.

Chasys Draw accepts plug-ins, and what we like and make it stand out is its customizable Windows Aero look, the variety of tools it has, and the tooltips it has for each action that guide us every step of the way.

What we can do now with Chasys Draw. For example, we can make the covers of our CDs and DVDs, scan and edit our photos, make animations, make static images or cursors, make animated cursors, animated brushes, create icons in many dimensions from images , convert our photos and more.

This is the best free graphics editor that rivals, if not surpasses in usability, many professional programs of the genre.



View and manage images, rotate, delete, transform and resize your photos with PhotoHandler. 

Resize your images, adjust quality (compression), size or convert them to jpeg, gif, tiff, png or PSD. You can even add photos from your camera or SD card and PhotoHandler will add them to your hard drive automatically. 

However, in addition to editing individual photos, it also allows you to bulk edit your images and allows you to add a watermark either through text or your logo. To edit the photo you want, double click on it.

Photo Pos Pro


 Amazing free photo editor that offers users a wide variety of capabilities in the areas of image enhancement and editing. Using the program you can perform, from simple basic tasks to complex ones.

You can edit existing images, create new projects based on existing images, create new projects from scratch, and more. 

It also offers powerful tools and features including but not limited to support of many image file types, scanner and digital camera support, image enhancement, editing tools and features, for creating and designing computer graphics, rich text, special effects, tools, layers, masks, pattern and texture gradients.

Although it is a powerful graphics editor, it contains an extremely user-friendly interface. So even if you are a beginner, you can easily start using it.

The application offers users a step-by-step help system. 

Finally, if you are an experienced user, you will probably be surprised to discover the infinite possibilities it offers in the areas of digital image enhancement and graphics.

NPS Image Editor


Image Editor for Windows, which is ideal for designing and editing photos. It is light, customizable, with a nice menu but surprisingly powerful.

The app aims to maintain the simplicity and ease of use of Microsoft Paint for pixel and snapshot editing, while providing an enhanced set of features such as the ability to work with transparency and apply filters to your image.

The NPS Color Picker can be used on its own as a powerful tool for working with colors in web design. It supports multiple color spaces, copying and pasting common color formats, and ``grabbing'' a color from anywhere on your screen (even in other applications).



Complete retouching program. It allows you to make simple or advanced adjustments to your favorite photos and apply a wide range of filters. The toolbar gives you access to standard filters with just a few clicks. 

Given the wide range of filters, it allows especially novice users to familiarize themselves in a simple and understandable way in the world of graphics. You can find the standard adjustment functions (brightness, contrast, hue, saturation) as well as artistic filters (watercolor, pastel and more).

PhotoFiltre 7 uses two types of vector options. The first type uses automatic shapes (rectangle, ellipse, triangle, rhombus, rounded rectangle). 

The second type corresponds to the lasso and polygon. Both allow a custom format by drawing a shape by hand. Each option can be saved in a separate file, which can be used later.



Free image editor for Windows. Its features include Photo montage where you can crop and rotate your photos, adjust their exposure and color, and apply artistic filters. 

It also includes some basic drawing tools so you can selectively apply changes to specific parts of an image. 

Includes support for multiple layers, masks and editable text layers. It supports the most popular file formats, including Photoshop and GIMP. 

I should note that Fotografix is ​​still under development and does not yet include everything that its creator has planned, (obviously we will see them in later versions) nevertheless it is a simple and accessible tool that will help most users who do not they have particular experience with programs and tasks of this kind.




It is an amazing application that not only guarantees this, but through its simple but very comprehensive menu it will give you editing possibilities that you will hardly find in other programs of similar capacity.

Through the application you can resize your photos, crop them, adjust the light curve, rotate them, adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation and sharpness of the photo either automatically or manually, adjust the colors, add frames, clip art images, text, add effects and if you want to upload it directly to either Flicr, Facebook, or finally Twitter. 

If you want to install the application on your computer and edit the photos exactly as you would by visiting the application website through the web interface, there is the possibility.

Finally, we should note that the application also has a separate option to make a collage of our photos by choosing one of the dozens of ready-made templates available for this purpose.

The possibilities it offers are many, many of which are provided for free. However, to access all the additional features of the application you will need to purchase a subscription.

InPixio Photo Editor Free


Amazing free graphics app designed to be simple to use and allows you to add filters and various effects to turn your photos into real works of art, crop and resize your photos without it is necessary to be a professional to change the color and brightness add frames, fantastic filters, enhance your photos by adding frames and designs and finally save them to your computer or share them with friends on social networks.

Pollar Photo Editor


One of the best photo editors and with settings that allow you to create and save your own filters. 

Polarr is probably the most ideal photo editor for bloggers, students and even for professional photographers where among many things it includes special design for mouse and touch pens, high precision sliders, interactive photo editing, fully understandable and adjustable menu, collection of 50 filters, temperature, hue, contrast, photo exposure, light and dark areas and many more functions.

Dimin Viewer


Dimin Viewer is an amazing application that incorporates unique visualization technologies, such as the Panorama Photo Tool and the Big Image Navigator. It supports many image formats, including the most popular formats such as: JPEG, GIF, TIFF, JPEG-2000, as well as many digital camera RAW formats. 

It incorporates in-memory caching of all images and caching of upcoming files from the playlist, which dramatically reduces image loading time. It also includes productivity and automation features.

PhotoPad Photo Editing Software


Easily edit your photos on a PC on Mac or Android mobile with PhotoPad, a great image editing software to help you digitally edit your photos. 

PhotoPad is designed to edit your photos simply and quickly without compromising functionality and the quality of the output. You can edit digital photos as well as other images, it supports all popular image formats, and classic functions such as cropping, rotating, resizing. You can even remove red eyes and blemishes from photos. 

Apply effects like oil paint, cartoon, vignette, sepia and more to your photos. Improve the quality of your photos and remove blur, and reduce noise. Adjust image color hue, saturation, brightness and contrast and create photo collages and mosaics with your photos. 

Add text and captions to photos. Change the aspect ratio of an image without significantly altering its important features and finally upload your edited photos directly to Facebook or Flickr.

PixBuilder Studio


Free image editing and resizing software. It allows you to use the following color management functions: brightness and contrast management, color balance and levels manipulation. 

For better results, you can use the curves mode. For even more professional settings you can manipulate the image with color channels. 

The concept of layers, multi-step undo, gradients, masks and text layers make PixBuilder Studio an excellent graphics software program for image editing and illustration creation. 

You can also use the flexible transform selection and management functions to design complex raster shapes and effects, or use the built-in shape drawing tool. 

For other complex targets, you can use the built-in high-quality effects, such as different types of blur, sharpening effects and more. 

Using the secure web palette and saving with preview mode, you can easily create web graphics in any of the most popular formats you want: JPEG, GIF, PNG and more.

Picosmos Tools


It's a free, all-in-one modern professional-level photo viewer, editor, collage maker, and photo editor that can replace your built-in windows image viewer and more. It lets you view, edit add effects and make collages to your photos. 

It consists of different levels, evenly arranged so you can choose the appropriate one depending on the job you want to do.

So simple in its operation that it does not need special explanations, all you have to do is install the program on your computer, run it and open the application you are interested in. 

In image editing, it supports a variety of standard editing tools, and if you are an experienced user, you can get amazing results in no time. In any case even if you are a simple standard user without much experience you will find it so easy and convenient and I am sure you will hardly replace it.

Adobe Photoshop Express


Easy-to-use photo editor with professional features. Photoshop Express provides you with a full range of tools and effects. to personalize your photos with borders and text, enhance color and images, create collages, and enhance the points you want. 

Edit your photos in a simple and fast way, adjusting each photo to your measurements and activate the possibility of automatic corrections with just one touch. Now you can choose from more than 45 stunning effects. 

Its key features include cropping, rotating, red-eye removal, white balance, removing blemishes and dust from photos, applying different filters, RAW support, and of course, the ability to share your photos with friends and family on Facebook, Instagram, or in your e-mail.

PT Photo Editor


Great app for enhancing, correcting, repairing, and getting rid of any imperfections in your photos with professional quality and precision. 

You can easily and quickly remove red-eye, various spots and stains from your photos with the right removal tools, but you can also erase unwanted objects, even on a complex background. 

It enables you to produce professional-level color images by adjusting the appropriate tools to the details. It provides, the ability to plan your workflow in real time. 

It also allows you to easily adjust exposure, saturation, shadows, color tone, contrast, noise reduction, enhance clarity, or even remix individual colors, changing the feel of the image. giving you a new way of selective editing.

With its powerful and reliable collection of tools, you can quickly and easily select any part of your images, and then apply various effects tailored to the selected and unselected image area separately at the same time.

PhotoScape X


photoscape is one of the top photo editors with many features, and in addition to the standard viewing of your images, it allows you to edit and fix imperfections in your photos. 

Which in particular, with the help of the program we can change the size of our photos, add texts, filters, edit multiple photos, merge multiple photos in the frame of one page to create one photo, connect multiple photos vertically or horizontally to to create one photo, to sequentially add several photos together to create animated photos (animation), to print portraits and passport photos, to cut one photo into several pieces, to convert ROW files to JPG and many more features. 

In the professional version of the product you will find more features. is one of the top photo editing programs with many features, and which in addition to the standard viewing of your images allows you to edit and correct imperfections in your photos.

Which in particular, with the help of the program we can change the size of our photos, add texts, filters, edit multiple photos, merge multiple photos in the frame of one page to create one photo, connect multiple photos vertically or horizontally to to create one photo, to sequentially add several photos together to create animated photos (animation), to print portraits and passport photos, to cut one photo into several pieces, to convert ROW files to JPG and many more features. In the professional version of the product you will find more features.



PhotoDemon is a free, open source, portable photo editor for Windows. It requires no installation, administrator rights or internet access and can run directly from USB devices. 

The current version provides more than 200 professional-quality tools, such as shadow recovery, highlights, multichannel curves, resizing and HDR support. With a stylish menu created by designers, not engineers, it simplifies how to work with the program. it's fully editable, with built-in light, dark and monochrome themes. 

All tools support real-time previews, custom presets, and unlimited undo and redo capabilities.

Picture Window Pro


Powerful image editing tool designed for photographers with demanding creative and quality standards. The complete set of photo manipulation and retouching tools lets you control and shape every aspect of your images. 

The image window of the image window captures and organizes your workflow and allows you to modify any processing step at any time. 

It supports multiple monitors, high-resolution monitors, and has support for 16-bit black and white and color images. Another important feature of the application is that it supports simultaneous processing on multi-core CPUs for even faster processing. 

Workflows can be saved in script files so you can reuse or recreate them at any time, version 8 is free for personal or commercial use.



Free open source software for scientific image processing and analysis. It can display, process, analyze, store and print 8-bit color and grayscale images. 

It can read many image file formats, including TIFF, PNG, GIF, JPEG, BMP, DICOM, and FITS, as well as raw formats. It supports image stacks, a series of images that share a single window, and is multi-threaded, so time-consuming operations can run in parallel on Multi-Core CPUs.

It can calculate area and pixel value statistics according to user-defined options. It can even measure distances and angles, create density histograms and diagrams.

It supports standard image processing functions such as logical and arithmetic operations between images, contrast manipulation, convolution, Fourier analysis, sharpening, smoothing, edge detection.

Finally, it can perform geometric transformations and open any number of images simultaneously, the number of which is limited only by the available memory of your computer.

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