Open Broadcaster Software: How to Stream Live on YouTube and Twitch


The Open Broadcaster Software is a free open source suite for recording and streaming live streaming. It is written in C and C ++, OBS programming language and provides the ability to encode, record and broadcast in real time with destination support (eg YouTube) including many defaults from streaming websites such as Twitch.tv and many more.

Includes support for Intel Quick Video Sync (QSV) and NVENC, unlimited number of scenes and sources, MP4 or FLV file output, and high-performance gaming capabilities. The whole process is relatively simple and is completed in a few steps. 

As you will see below, although the application includes several tabs and settings, you will only need to tweak and change settings to a few of them at least for a start. We will see in detail below, how we can activate Live Streaming on YouTube and Twitch.

Enable live streaming on YouTube



Select a live stream from the menu and press Start.


Verify your account.


Read and accept the terms.


You've just activated your channel, but before you can go live you'll need to modify some settings. To find the key you should select the dashboard from the account profile and then click on the streaming key code field (after entering your account type:

(https://www.youtube.com/live_dashboard) and in the option to set an encoder, click on the display button and copy it, (alternatively press the classic view stream stream) and then click the stream now -classical view button and on the next tab copy the stream code you will find at the bottom of the page


Press OK to save your settings.


Now, from the main menu of the program click + to add a scene, enter any name and press OK.


Press + now from the sources field and select what you want to transmit.


Finally press start broadcast to start Live Streaming. In a few seconds you will now be able to see the content you have selected through the YouTube control panel.

The above application is a very reliable solution for anyone who wants to work more professionally since the possibilities it offers are many.

However, if your interest bar is low, or you just want to use your computer's webcam without using any third-party software, you can do so directly from your YouTube account by selecting, live streaming by setting up your show through two very simple steps.

Enable live streaming on Twitch

For the needs of the test we also created an account at Twitch.tv. If you choose to create an account, or already have a Twitch.tv account you will need the relevant key to do Live Streaming by following the steps below.



After creating an account on Twitch, click on the Developer toolbar from your Account panel


Click the Streaming Tools button and the next tab click on the toolbar


In the key password field, click show and copy your key.


Open the Open Broadcaster Software application, click Tools, Auto Configuration Wizard, and select Twitch, then paste the passcode into the corresponding field. For the rest of the streaming, follow the same procedure as before on Youtube.
OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows, macOS, Linux
the Open Broadcaster Software application

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