Wednesday June 7 2023

10 Selected Diagnostic Applications For Your Mobile


To determine the real characteristics of an Android device, and to see information and details that we would not normally read in the manufacturer's manual, but even to determine the functionality of our device or to compare it with another model, we use applications designed for this purpose. Today, after testing several, we have selected and present, in our opinion, 10 of the best.

CPU Monitor


This is an app that will help you monitor CPU temperature and frequency in real time and analyze your phone's CPU temperature and frequency history data. 

Supports multi-core CPU monitoring. See also, detailed information about your device like, CPU information, system information, hardware information, display information. 

You can also create a One Tap Boost shortcut and boost your phone's Ram when it's low. Finally the application activates and means alarm when the CPU or battery temperature is excessive.

CPU Hardware Info


Do you want to buy a new smartphone, and need information about its processor and the phone's hardware? Do you want to know information about a camera it has and its actual specifications?

Would you like to receive information about the available memory and battery information of your device? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then you should download CPU Hardware Info. 

 The app can give you all this information especially when you want to buy a new smartphone because it can tell you if that device is genuine or not, giving you information about the actual available memory and camera battery information, and generally for all phone hardware.

Android Hardware Info


App to check hardware specifications for Android devices with detailed information about your smartphone, including device, system, memory, camera, temperature, battery and sensor information. Full Greek support.

Device Info


Simple and powerful Android application that provides you with complete information about your mobile device with advanced menu and widgets.

For example, phone device information includes information about CPU, RAM, OS, sensors, storage, battery, SIM, Bluetooth, network, installed apps, system apps, display, camera, etc.



This is yet another quality app that displays information about the device such as processor, cores, speed, model, memory, camera, sensors and many other information.

You can see the specifications of other Android Smartphones in detail and get information about your device, about the processor, the cores it has, the speed, the model, the memory it has, the camera, sensors, etc.

Also see the current download and upload speed in notifications for charging or discharging electricity in milliamps and battery temperature in notifications. as well as many other information.

M Analyzer


Using this app, you can monitor CPU, Battery, Devices, Hardware, Display, GPU, Ram, Storage and Sensor information, without ads, completely free for all details.



Hardware and software reading utility for Android based devices. Based on the extensive knowledge of AIDA64 for Windows software, AIDA64 for Android is able to present various diagnostic information for phones, tablets, smartwatches and TVs, such as CPU detection, real-time clock measurement, screen dimensions, pixel density and information camera, battery level, temperature monitoring and more.



Monitor your hardware in real time and get information about the device model, CPU, GPU, memory, battery, camera, disk, network, sensors and operating system. 

DevCheck gives you all the information you need about your hardware and operating system in a clear, accurate and organized way.



Because Inware uses Google's latest Material Design, you can enjoy a modern and beautiful interface while easily finding information about your device. In addition, Inware is completely free and contains no ads.

View information related to Android (current version, preloaded version, support seamless update support, etc.), display information (name, resolution, size, aspect ratio, refresh rate, etc.), hardware information (CPU , RAM, GPU, etc.), network and connectivity information (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.), Camera information. battery information (capacity, current, voltage, temperature, etc.), media DRM information, and more.

System information


Displays device information about the model, OS version, and API level. 

Information about the characteristics of your screen, CPU, GPU, shows the RAM and storage space, check the Wi-Fi network connection parameters, see the specifications of the front and rear cameras. information about the type of technology and battery status, option to display the temperature in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit and finally, it shows the sensors available on your device.
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