Tuesday 18 April 2023

8 Featured Free Android Mobile Optimization Apps


With the installation of new applications, downloaded files, photos, music, videos, over time your mobile phone gets filled with useless files and its speed slows down a bit. For this purpose there are many applications, however we have selected 8 of them and present them.

SD Maid


SD Maid is a great app that will help you keep your device clean. It offers a collection of tools for managing your applications and files. It allows you to browse your entire device and manipulate your files through an integrated file explorer, remove unnecessary files from your system, manage installed user and device programs, locate files belonging to uninstalled applications, search for files by name, type or date, to get a detailed overview of your device's storage space.

You can also optimize your database, clean applications, remove files, locate duplicate images, music or documents, and more. On the positive side of its application, in addition to its undoubted functionality, there is also support for the Greek language. 

Fancy Optimizer


Fast, lightweight and powerful program to protect and clean your phone that includes a smart junk cleaner. It can remove viruses, boost phone memory and clean storage space. 

With Virus Cleaner you will clean viruses quickly and easily from your device. With one-tap boost you can automatically clean phone memory and storage to remove junk files that slow down the device. 

It also includes password locking and privacy protection, a regulator for annoying app notifications, battery saving to track apps that consume a lot of memory and turn them off and much more.

Nova Security


Nova Security not only provides you with a virus cleaning tool but also provides you with a service to protect your privacy. It keeps your device safe from hacking, viruses and malware in general. 

Backed by the world's leading virus database, Nova Security offers the most professional antivirus service that will prevent your device from being infected by any threat, malware, trojan. 

With AppLock, lock private apps with password and pattern to prevent your privacy from leaking. With Nova Security's Message Security, your private messages will be hidden and no longer displayed publicly. 

Many apps running in the background will slow down your phone. Nova Security can find and disable the app that was taking up too much memory. Finally, it cleans your mobile from useless or outdated files.

Cleaner 2023


I think this is probably one of the best applications you can find in the Google Play Store, with full Greek support, simple and understandable operation that cleans and optimizes your phone. 

Its key features include removing junk and unnecessary files, speeding up and cooling the phone, file management, wallpapers and more!. In junk file removal mode, it cleans up unnecessary files, helping you optimize space on your Smartphone.

Clearing the cache cleans applications from unnecessary cache files. Speeding up the phone optimizes memory usage and speeds up the phone for games and other important applications. Finally, in cooling mode it reduces its temperature and improves the efficiency of the device.

You can also manage files and folders on your SD card and save your disk space by saving files to Dropbox, One Drive, etc.


Avast Cleanup


Avast Cleanup is a highly effective junk and cache cleaning app for Android. Remove file debris and unused apps with a single tap, for a faster, more powerful phone. Avast Cleanup removes junk files. This optimizes the performance of the phone and enhances its speed.

Basic functions

. Clear Junk: The pre-installed App Removal app deletes pre-installed bloatware apps that you are not using to avoid delays on your phone.
Τής Device Manager: System Screen: view all important device information on one screen. 
✔ Device Manager: App hibernation temporarily suspends apps, thus extending battery life, storing mobile data, clearing memory, and improving device speed 
. Clear junk: Remove junk: Avast Cleanup quickly scans the phone's storage and cleans up unnecessary data. 
. Smart Clean Mode instantly clears junk, system caches, photo thumbnails, installation files, file debris, or unused files and APKs. With a single click you delete a multitude of junk data.
✔ The Cleaning Consultant option provides a detailed overview of all phone data.
. Uninstall applications at the touch of a button to free up space, increase device speed, and avoid delays.
Κα Phone Cleaner identifies and cleans larger files, media, apps, and junk.
. Use the skip list and mark items that you do not want to appear on the device. 
. Optimize and speed up your Android device by controlling storage space.

Files Go by Google


Files Go by Google is a new storage manager that helps you free up space on your phone. Which in particular, will help you delete old photos or photos you don't need anymore, duplicate files, unused apps will clear the cache and more.



Remove junk from your mobile phone, reclaim space, monitor smooth operation and browse safely. CCleaner for Android is the little brother of the well-known corresponding application for PCs. It will help you easily remove junk entries, clear app cache, browsing history, and delete call logs and SMS messages. Also, optimize your Android in just a few clicks, free up valuable device storage, check CPU usage, monitor your memory and internal storage, check your battery levels and mobile temperature, all from a simple and intelligent work interface and above all with low demands on memory and CPU usage of your mobile.

root booster


There are many apps that save battery or increase performance, however Root Booster uses the most proven correct settings to achieve the best possible results. You can easily apply these settings with ready-made programs that ensure speed boost, battery boost or stability boost. These functions are achieved by applying appropriate settings. You can choose any of the presets between speed, battery optimization, or stability and press the blue arrow to apply them.
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