Sunday May 14 2023

Buttercup : Password manager with strong 256bit AES encryption


Buttercup is a password manager designed to help manage your credentials.

It uses very strong encryption to protect your sensitive information with a single master password (Feel free to use stronger and more complex onespasswords for each service and let Buttercup store them securely).

It is free and available for Windows, Mac and Linux, Android, iOS. Use it together with the browser extension and mobile app for a completely portable experience.

It uses very strong encryption to protect your sensitive data with a single master password.

Keep this password secret and do not use it for any other login.

Once you've saved your Buttercup login, you can focus on remembering just that password (for Buttercup), all other passwords don't need to be remembered.
OPERATING SYSTEM :Windows, Mac and Linux, Android, iOS
Download the Buttercup app
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