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6 Best Free Firewalls for Windows


Firewall technology appeared in the late 1980s, when the internet was still in its infancy. At that time several security "holes" had been noticed and a solution had to be found. This solution was the creation of firewall technology. Many years have passed since then, and technology has evolved a lot, however the main purpose remains the same, and of course it is none other than preventing and preventing malicious attacks while browsing the internet. For this purpose, today, we have gathered and present to you the 6 best free Firewalls that can enhance your computer's protection.

Firewall App Blocker


In Windows, you can configure the firewall to block or unblock applications that you do not want or, respectively, wish to communicate with the Internet, but although this process is not particularly difficult, this process may be confusing for novice users. The solution to this eventuality is called Firewall App Blocker and it is an application that simplifies the process. Just drag and drop the app you want to block or click the + icon to find the path of the app you want to block and that's it. In the case now that you want to unblock it, right click on the application and press unblock. One of the positives of the application is that it does not need installation.

Free Firewall


Free Firewall is a full-featured professional firewall that will help you maintain full control over the flow of data from your system and protect you against Internet threats. Controls every program on your computer to allow or deny access to the Internet. 

It will alert you if app requests are seeking to access the internet in the background without your knowledge. This is yet another free Firewall that, apart from its effectiveness, is distinguished by its simplicity. With the help of the application you can prevent the attacker from gaining access to your computer by exploiting any security vulnerabilities. 

Protect yourself from a remote access and control of your system and access to your personal information. You can even set the traffic to the applications that have access to the internet, by controlling access to the network and the Internet application, so you allow access to the internet only those programs that you trust. notification of access. 

Free Firewall is not just a free firewall but a full-featured firewall, providing additional features to protect your privacy and life from intruders. Finally you can prevent that tracking services on websites will be able to analyze your surfing habits. 

In this way the firewall prevents calls to the statistics and analysis services on the Internet pages, which record the user's behavior in the background. Botnets consist of many computers running malware in the background and can be used remotely for attacks. 

The app notifies you of background broadcasts, which you can quickly block. Unlike many other firewalls, it can work with any other firewall in parallel, so enjoy a higher level of protection and combine different functions. In addition to the basic features, it offers useful tools to protect against telemetry and protect your privacy from monitoring.

Windows Firewall Control


Free powerful software that extends the functionality of Windows Firewall and provides new additional features that make the Firewall even more powerful. It includes an intuitive user interface, which is easily accessible via a system tray icon. It provides full support with standard user accounts and the ability to disable the ability of other programs to violate Windows Firewall rules and status. Finally, it also provides comprehensive support for creating, modifying and deleting firewall rules and easy ways to create new rules in Windows Firewall.



Free application that works with Windows as a firewall to enhance your computer's security. So you can temporarily block or allow all internet traffic. It is possible to customize application exclusions for the firewall and through a handy connection viewer you can see which processes are communicating online.

Windows Firewall Notifier


Small utility that reconfigures the basic Windows firewall to enhance your computer's security. The key change is special monitoring of your outgoing network connections. So once you've run the program, notifications will start popping up every time a new app wants to go online. Just like with other firewalls, you can choose to deny or allow the connection, and save your decision. 

Windows Firewall Notifiers (WFN) extends the default Windows settings by allowing it to display and handle incoming or outgoing connections. Requires Windows Vista or later version of Windows. Every time an application wants to connect to the internet it will ask you if you want to. 

In this way, you can give access to applications that are necessary for you and block others in case you do not want their connection to external servers, etc. You can also change many parameters through the application's very useful panel and generally gain full access to every communication attempt of your software.

 Please note, however, that WFN is not a separate Firewall, it is simply a software with which we can highlight and edit in detail the classic windows firewall on our computer by controlling every attempt to connect to the internet. If for some reason you want to disable it, click the DisableWFN icon. It will run on all windows.

simple wall


Simple, absolutely free, effective Windows Filtering Configuration (WFP) Firewall tool, which can regulate network activity on your computer. The application is less than one megabyte and is compatible with Windows Vista and above. You can download either the installer or the portable version. It needs administrator rights to work properly. 

Features of the application include, a simple interface without annoying pop-ups, rules editor ( to create your own rules), internal blocking rules (blocking spying / telemetry information), dropping packet information with notification and logging to a file mode (win7 +), allowed package information by logging to a file mode (win8 +), Windows 10 and 11 support and support for Windows services.
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