Tuesday 17 December 2019

6 best free webcams applications for surveillance of your space


Web cam surveillance is a special category of software. You can find many such solutions on the market, however you will have to put your hand in your pocket deep enough to get something worthwhile. To make it easier for you, however, we have gathered the 6 best free solutions for windows that all they require is to have at your disposal some webcams and a disposition to deal with and configure them so that you can monitor the space or them. spaces to be placed.


Netcam Studio is a remote monitoring application designed for Windows operating systems that allows you to create an effective security system with remote access capabilities. It supports a wide variety of IP cameras and is intended for operation 24 hours a day.

The installation package contains: Netcam Studio Server (Netcam Studio X), Netcam Studio service, NetCamp Studio Windows Client and Net Client Studio Web. Netcam Studio is the successor to webcamXP, the popular camera and network surveillance software from Moonware Studios.

No license or participation is required to use features such as motion detection and remote monitoring from another computer, phone or tablet. The free version allows the connection of 2 video sources.

The application also includes the ability to detect motion and speed so the video can be recorded only if there is some activity in the area being monitored. Finally, with the rule manager, you can specify your own internal or external actions such as: controlling lights, playing sounds, or sending notifications.

For greater ease of use of the application and in case we want to monitor and control from our mobile phone we must download the Netcam Studio Mobile available for devices Android in the upcoming years, while iOS and after we run it all we have to add is the name of the Server we have installed on our computer and the IP address of our server. 

From there we press connect and we can watch the video sources in real time, save the images or videos on the server to enable or disable the motion detection, see the list of connected users and look at the event logs.


Free open source software for motion monitoring and detection, iSpy uses camera and microphone recording to detect motion or sound and provides security, surveillance, monitoring and alarm services. The information is collected and compressed into flash video or mp4 and then transmitted securely via the web or mobile devices or even a local network.

100% free Webcam Recorde with video recording capabilities from cameras, digital camcorders with video storage capability such as AVI, MP4, WMV and audio recording from any source. The sound can be recorded from the microphone, line-in jack, or speakers. You can use custom keyboard shortcuts to control the camera, including recording, pause, pause, snapshot. You can also program a camera to record or pause at certain times using the scheduling tab. 

Free surveillance software, Live Webcam, software made for Windows simple, fast, lightweight, flexible and feature-packed enough to meet all your security needs, very user-friendly and capable of running on even and the most modest computer systems in terms of capabilities. Set, among other things, how long you want to keep the files on your hard drive and those of you who have more experience using such programs will still find dozens of additional configuration options.

Build an effective video surveillance system in minutes. IP Camera Viewer lets you watch live video from USB or IP cameras on your PC. Use any USB or IP camera to monitor your home, office, parking lot or anywhere else you need security.

View videos from multiple IP cameras directly on your computer. Currently, more than 2000 different IP camera models from leading manufacturers are supported. However, if your camera is not included in the application you can send a request to the application technical team.

Almost all USB cameras work with the IP Camera Viewer. You can control and view up to 4 cameras at a time. The central management and configuration of IP Camera Viewer lets you view images from your cameras from multiple remote locations on a single screen.

You can change the layout and preview of the camera according to your needs. It also allows you to individually configure the resolution and frame rate for USB cameras. You can also configure additional technical details of the image such as saturation, brightness, contrast for USB and IP cameras.

Finally, IP Camera Viewer provides digital zoom, even if not supported by your camera, and lets you set up a surveillance system to suit your needs. It is completely free, ideal for both personal and professional use.

Perfect IP Camera Viewer is an easy-to-use but powerful video surveillance software. With this program, you can monitor IP cameras directly from your computer. (Remote monitoring via internet is supported). The initial installation of the program will not cause any problems, as well as the addition of an IP camera to the program. The application contains an efficient network scanner, which automatically detects working IP cameras and connects them to the application. 

Monitor up to 64 cameras simultaneously with an effective motion detector, mask tool to prevent false alarms. siren, emails or SMS messages available for motion detection. IP Camera Viewer has a software motion detector that activates the siren (speaker sound) in case of motion detection in the monitoring area. 

The program is also able to notify you of an incident via a message sent to your e-mail, or sms sent to your mobile phone. The SMS sending feature is especially useful because you receive a notification immediately. Detection settings include adjusting the sensitivity of the sensor, as well as a coverage tool. The mask can be placed on monitoring areas that are sensitive to false positives.

For example, on a wall that often gets sunny, or in the floor area, if pets live in the room. The "mask" areas will be ignored by the program if traffic is detected there. If motion is detected, the program takes snapshots and saves the files to any local folder or cloud. Motion detection recording saves space by recording only when something happens. 

You will definitely need a visual confirmation of the event. For these purposes, you may need to view photos from cameras or even video recordings. IP Cam Viewer lets you see both. The generated JPEG images are stored in a special folder on the computer or in the cloud. It is also possible to automatically attach 2-3 images to the sending message. The video is recorded in Xvid format, which provides a minimal file size with good quality.

It includes all the possibilities of the commercial version with the difference that in the free you can record, video and watch online for up to 2 hours. Supports Greek.

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