The 9 Best Free Memory Manager Apps for Windows


With the evolution of windows and over time significant improvements have been added regarding memory management. However, its management is even today a headache, especially for those computers that have a relatively small memory, since windows nevertheless do not have any tool that allows us to manage it. During this time, of course, many third-party applications have been developed on this topic. That's why we've collected and selected the 9 best free apps that can help you better manage your computer's memory.

Reduce memory


When you run a lot of programs they consume your computer's RAM, and you will find (if that is not enough) that your system is slow and often does not respond. In fact, it happens even though you have closed several of the programs, however, the rest of your memory is not at its initial levels. Reduce Memory is a small, very simple program that can enable you to recover part of the memory whenever necessary. Does not require installation.



MemPlus can be used to reduce the amount of RAM used by applications on your system. In essence, release the memory so that you have more memory at your disposal! MemPlus can help you recover the specs of RAM installed on your system. This information can be exported to TEXT, HTML, CSV and Excel formats. Finally, it will automatically notify you if a newer version is available.

Wise Memory Optimizer


Free up and manage the memory occupied by useless applications. Most of us have known and unknown applications running in the background that take up the physical memory of the computer and hence affect its performance. Wise Memory Optimizer helps you optimize physical memory to boost your computer's performance. 

Free up memory occupied by useless applications. and defragment memory to boost performance. Empty the standby memory (cached memory) to increase the free memory. 

The app automatically calculates and displays your computer's memory in use, available and total memory during deployment, along with a pie chart. With a click on the "Optimize Now" button, the program can free up memory in a few seconds.

You can enable auto-optimization mode when the computer's available memory drops below a value you can specify, and make Wise Memory Optimizer run even when the CPU is idle, as well as adjust the amount of memory you want to free up . It will then optimize the computer memory automatically in the background.

The application requires quite low CPU and system memory resources, has a good response time and quickly completes the optimization task. It is a free software that any user can download for free. 

It has been fully developed and tested and works great on Windows 11, Windows 10 and other Windows operating systems (both 64-bit and 32-bit), from Windows XP and up.

Memory booster


There are several applications that claim to optimize your computer's memory, but many of them will try to do so by forcing the computer to free up some memory. 

Rizonesoft Memory Booster follows a different philosophy by cleaning the workspace of all processes left as leftovers freeing up memory, which will help improve your computer's speed and stability. 

Please note that this method will not free up a large amount of RAM, but instead as mentioned earlier, it will improve the stability and performance of your computer. This will fix any memory leaks and in some cases unfreeze programs as well.

Memory Cleaner


Because Windows (at least from Vista upwards) manages memory quite well. Most memory cleaning tools are not very useful because many of them use bad techniques that are only relevant to older versions of Windows (pre-Vista). However, Memory Cleaner is significantly better because it uses features built into Windows without any performance impact. 

Now you can access the Cleaner functions from the tray icon without having to open the main window. The cleanup commands are both silent and the only warning you see is the amount of RAM reclaimed briefly in the window. Therefore, if you find that your RAM usage exceeds 60% regularly, then you should definitely install MemoryCleaner.



When your computer starts up it can sometimes run slower than usual, which means that it may run out of RAM, which stores the various processes that take place on your computer. CleanMem is a Windows application that cleans RAM according to your preferences, allowing you to get things done faster on your PC.

Mem reduce


It is an extremely useful real-time memory management application for monitoring and cleaning up your computer's memory. 

The program uses the internal system functions (Native API) to clean the system cache (operating set, working set, waiting lists, modified page lists) with a variable result of ~ 10-50%. The application is compatible with Windows operating systems from XP SP3 and above. 

In order for it to run correctly, you should set the application to run with administrator rights in the usual way, by right-clicking on the application icon and checking the relevant box.

From there you can determine how the application will run either time-wise or better by specifying the upper percentage of usage to automatically trigger the memory cleanup process. 

For example for a computer with 4GB of available memory the best position is to set automatic cleaning when the memory consumption exceeds 70%. Of course this is not binding since it depends to a large extent on the operating system you are running and also the existing applications running in the background so adjust it according to your needs.



Small utility that displays current memory usage in real time. By right-clicking on the application icon you can see in detail the remaining memory as well as the running applications and how much memory each one consumes. If you use the Portable version you don't need to install.

Through the application's settings, you can determine whether you want the memory to be cleared automatically depending on the load. You can also adjust the colors and general appearance of it and finally you are given the possibility to terminate any application running at that moment or to free up memory by clicking on the relevant option.

quick cpu


In a previous article we talked about this application which was created to provide assistance to the user and reduce the impact of the degradation of their computer's performance when possible. 

Quick CPU is a program designed to adjust and monitor important CPU and system parameters, such as CPU temperature, CPU performance, power, voltage, current, core parking, frequency scaling, system memory, Turbo boost and other settings. 

However, right now we are interested in how to tune the computer's memory for better performance. For this purpose, after opening the application select view and click on the system memory option, finally press the configure button and set it according to your needs.


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