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6 best free remote communication and management applications


The communication between two remote computers and the control of one by the other is a process that we could say you consider even today ΄΄taboo΄΄ in the sense that it requires special knowledge and procedures to achieve it. 

This was a truth in the past, however today things have changed dramatically for the better with the appearance of various programs that simplify the whole process in such a way that even the most ignorant person can manage them. For this purpose, we have selected the 6 best free apps, one better than the other.

Chrome Remote Desktop


Η Chrome Remote Desktop is a fully online platform. It provides remote assistance to Windows, Mac and Linux users, or access Windows (XP and above) and Mac (OS X 10.6 and above) computers at any time, from the Chrome browser on any device, including Chromebooks. 

It allows users to remotely access another computer through the Chrome browser or a Chromebook. Computers can be made available on a short-term basis for scenarios such as ad hoc remote support, or on a longer-term basis for remote access to your applications and files, all in complete security. The method is very simple, with excellent results and of course its great advantage is that it is available absolutely free. 

Remote connection from Android

If you want to connect remotely to your PC from your mobile or Tablet, download the relevant application Remote desktop from the Google Play Store.

Activate the remote connection from your computer and run the application from your mobile phone, click on the icon of your computer and in the next enter the remote connection activation code 

Trust Viewer


TrustViewer is a complete solution for remote access over the Internet. No registration, no restrictions, free for home and commercial use. Download TrustViewer, run it and start working immediately without the need to install additional settings. To start a communication session is very simple: select in the main form "grant access to this computer" or "Connect to a remote computer" and follow the step-by-step instructions. 

 To connect to a remote computer - just specify a unique twelve-digit ID for each session and the connection will be established immediately, without problems with NAT or Proxy. Control the desktop of the remote computer, exchange files, make voice and video calls, or just chat. 

TrustViewer does not require authorization or input of other personal data, and the servers do not store IP address or other information that identifies the computer. Participants' computers are connected with priority directly, forming a protected p2p tunnel based on modern crypto-protocols. 

Internet servers are used only for coordination, as well as in cases where direct connection is impossible. However, you can install a free special proxy "TrustServer" on your server and get 100% - independence and traffic control, in private networks without Internet access.



AnyDesk is a relatively new application that will help you stay in touch with your computer. A global server network ensures a secure and fast connection wherever you are. Applications that other similar Remote-Desktop software could not work on, such as CAD programs, video editing applications, are no longer a problem for AnyDesk. 

 With all these conveniences, AnyDesk is amazingly simple to use. All functions can be selected with a few clicks on an easy-to-use desktop, it is also extremely suitable for online collaboration. With the optional view of two mouse pointers, you can edit texts, images or other documents with your partners, very simply, quickly and without the need to connect to any online service. 

The security it uses is the same technology used for online banking. The identity of both connection participants is cryptographically verified and then there is certainty that they are actually connected to the desired job. This way AnyDesk code cannot be intercepted.



The applications of using such a program are many and start from remote control of your computer to turning it into a powerful Remote Media Server. In this article we will examine one of these programs, TightVNC (in its latest version which is even available for free. However, things have changed dramatically for the better with the appearance of various programs that simplify the whole process. 

After downloading the program we run it, during the installation it will ask us which part of the program we want to install, we choose according to what we want to do. 

In other words, if we want to control a second computer located in a different place from one point, we should install TightVNCviewer on the computer we want to have central control and TightVNCserver on the computer we want to control. 

However, it does not prevent us from switching both the TightVNCserver and the TightVNC viewver on both computers if we want to control when from one to the other. During the installation you will be asked if you want to enter a password to protect TightVNC from unauthorized use, which of course is appropriate if your computer is shared.

Once we install the program we only have to configure it, the configuration is very simple, we run the TightVNC service configuration and apply the following settings. In this tab we put the codes of our liking, of course taking care to write them down somewhere so as not to forget them.

In the second tab of the TightVNC service configuration we select the ip range we want to use or we want to reject the corresponding option.

In the third and last tab we put the code for the central control function.

After we have now installed TightVNCviewer on the computer we want to control, we run the program, it is understood that we know the ip of the computer we want to control, we enter the code we have set and by pressing ok we now have control of the second computer. 

In addition to the most basic settings necessary for pairing between two computers there are several others that you can explore while browsing the program or reading the manual.



Perhaps the most popular application of its kind, since TeamViewer is a simple application capable of performing remote control tasks on another computer desktop, sharing and moving files, it can easily run behind any firewall or proxy server. and its operation is so simple that I believe there will be no one who does not understand it. 

 After we download the program we install it on our computer, as you will see when starting the program on the left side of the program your ID which contains a specific number for each installation and below the code where you are provided with the code for the specific application. 

Of course, in order to be able to control a different computer, TeamViewer must be installed on it, now to be able to connect to it, you must know its ID and password, which means that you must note it down somewhere to don't forget it or get your friend who has also passed TeamViewer to tell you.



Provide remote technical support without having to configure your firewall or router and without installation and connect with a few clicks to any remote computer. 

Supremo is a secure AES 256-bit encryption software built from a single small executable file that is extremely lightweight. It is one of the most trusted desktop remote control solutions on the market with hundreds of thousands of sessions activated every day. 

How it works is very simple, just run the Supremo file on your computer and tell your friend to run it on their computer too. Enter the id number it will give you and press connect, in the next window enter the code it will give you, so fast and so simple. 

The most important thing about this application is that one does not need to make any settings at all and also does not need to install the software on their computer.
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