JetAudio: Unique Player with CD / DVD conversion and recording capabilities


JetAudio is a complete media player consisting of a single rack compact. You can play various music and video files, it even has features such as burning CDs, recording, and converting to other files. 

You can even create your own internet radio station using JetCast, provided with JetAudio, and play all file formats including WAV, MP3, MP3Pro, OGG, WMA, MPEG, AVI, WMV, MIDI, RM and videos and music tracks from CDs. 

This is probably the best free Player that is not only limited to playing music, but also allows you to convert your music files, change their tags, and burn your favorite songs to a music CD/DVD, or to your hard drive. . 

Finally, it includes dozens of different skins so you can choose the look you like the most. 

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TAGS: Sound , Players

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