Lazesoft Recovery Suite: Free CD-USB data recovery and Windows system


Lazesoft Recovery Suite is one of the best free programs to recover the data of your files, or your operating system (Windows) when your computer won't be able to start normally.

You can fix most problems quickly and easily by creating a Lazesoft autoboot rescue CD or USB disk and then restarting your computer by selecting the appropriate section. 

Its main mission is not only the ability to erase your Windows password but you can use it as a backup and recovery software for windows, or clone your operating system.

basic functions

  1. The main functions of Lazesoft Recovery Suite are the option Windows Recovery to restore Windows and repair any boot problems and errors caused by viruses or accidental file corruption.
  2. The Data Recovery to recover your important files from your hard disk, memory cards or flash drives after accidentally deleting, reformatting or destroying your files.
  3. The Password recovery to recover your Windows local or domain administrator password, and to recover the Windows CD installation key when you need to reinstall the operating system, and finally,
  4. The Disk Image & Clone to save or copy your entire hard drive or partitions, allowing you to restore your operating system and data in the event of a hard drive failure, or when you want to replace your hard drive.
  5. Full access to a non-bootable computer, the Lazesoft Recovery Suite Live CD, which gives you access to your computer even if Windows fails or Windows is completely corrupted.
  6. Boot from various brands of desktops, laptops such as Dell, ThinkPad, Hp, Sony, Toshiba, Acer, Samsung etc.
  7. With WinPE-based, Linux-based boot disk builder, Lazesoft Recovery Suite has the best hardware compatibility.
  8. Boot a computer from a CD-DVD 
  9. Support all types of hard drives such as SATA, IDE and SSD.
  10. Create a USB boot disk.
  11. Quick, easy, native creation of PE Recovery Disk in 32 and 64 bit Windows 7, 8.1, 10.
  12. Added options in WinPE-specific version and type when boot disk build and options in custom drivers when creating boot disk
  13. Supports UEFI boot function and BIOS boot function
  14. Create a WinPE 5 (Windows 8.1) x86 boot disk
  15. Create a WinPE 5 (Windows 8.1) x64 boot disk
  16. Create a WinPE 10 (Windows 10) x86 boot disk
  17. Create a WinPE 10 (Windows 10) x64 boot disk
  18. Create a bootable USB hard drive

Where will it serve me?

To instantly repair your PC when Windows can't start normally. For easy data recovery from a broken computer or disk. Boot from CD or USB drive in case you can't get into windows.

To quickly reset Windows local and domain account administrator passwords

To create, format and delete partitions and disks.

Although the features included in the free version are more than enough for an average user, you can see here, (choose Comparison) the differences between the free version and the professional version if you are interested in doing more things. 
the Lazesoft Recovery Suite application

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