Sunday 26 February 2023

Tails : Browse the internet securely from your USB stick


It is a Debian-based Linux distribution that aims to protect privacy and anonymity where all incoming and outgoing connections are forced through Tor and all non-anonymous connections are blocked. 

It is designed to boot as a Live DVD or USB, and leaves no digital footprint on the computer it uses with the aim of providing complete anonymity for the user, including the use of a web browser, IRC client, email and instant messages, all pre- configured by its creator with the safety and anonymity of the user in mind, however today, we will see step by step how simply we can make a USB stick with the help of which we will be able to surf the Internet anonymously and safely.

In order to be able to bypass the communication of our computer with the servers of the respective website that we visit and the recording of our IP we can use many ways to bypass them, using various methods of encryption of our connection.

Usually good programs and various anonymity services use, along with encryption methods and anonymous servers. The anonymous servers redirect the path of our IP and at the same time encrypt it, in simpler words they undertake to replace the communication of our computer by communicating with the internet world with their own IP but keeping ours secret.

But at this point we should point out the following: When using a computer, there is no magic or perfect solution to such a complex problem. Properly understanding the limitations of these tools is a critical step in deciding firstly whether Tails is the right tool for you and secondly, Tor offers a fairly good level of anonymity but it is also subject to some limitations and may be ineffective under certain conditions.

As described above, Tor focuses on anonymity and ensures encrypted data flow only within the Tor network. If the user is browsing services without encryption, for example a website without HTTPS, then the last node in Tor is able to read and / or alter the data that the user exchanges with the service. 

So, along with Tor, make sure you're using secure encrypted HTTPS connections. Tor handles the routing of user traffic with the goal of anonymity and nothing else. 

So if the user's system is already infected with viruses or riddled with malware like keyloggers then Tor is of no help. Equally risky is the use of computers that we do not know or control, such as those in internet cafes. But since the MAC address of each network card is unique, in an environment where the user uses Tails, the MAC address can threaten his anonymity.



First of all we will download the latest version of Tails, the version for use on USB sticks ( here and immediately after we download the software  balenaetcher which will help us write on our sticker the image we just downloaded.  The way is simple, after inserting your stick into a USB port run it balenaEtcher, select the file you just downloaded and press Flash to start the recording.


Once the recording is over, turn off the computer and turn it on again. The first image we will encounter is the one we press ENTER and wait a while until the start is completed.


Select a language and press start Tails.


Select the network to connect to and enter the password to connect.


After entering the password, we wait a while until a message appears that we can use Tor, from there we are ready to browse the internet anonymously. 


To maximize our anonymity and privacy these settings are lost every time we reboot however we can specify whether we want an encrypted volume where our passwords, favorites, documents and other information will be stored so that when we start do not have to type them again. To do this, follow the instructions in the photo below and restart.


Now, at startup, enter the code you entered for the encrypted volume so that you can unlock it and enter your settings.

The application includes two of the best anonymity free programs OnionShare and the Tor Browser which we have talked about in particular in our previous posts.

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