Sunday 30 August 2020

Alternate Pic View EXESlide: Convert photos to Exe, GIF, SWF and Avi files


Maybe there is no other application so small and simple that through a very simple menu can make and convert your photos to Exe, GIF, SWF (Flash Slideshow) and AVI (video) files. From the application menu, select Edit and add the folder with the photos you want to convert. After making your selection, click View-Thumpnails to view your photos as thumbnails. Select a file and depending on what exactly you want to do choose one of the following.  With Create executable file we can create exe files (executable files), by clicking on them we can see our photos as slideshows, with create Gif animation we convert our photos into animations, with Create SWF we run the photos in a file flash, finally selecting AVI Clip we convert the images to video.

There are some additional options in the program such as adding music to Slideshows to specify the time that one photo will follow the other, the length of time that each photo will appear, the resolution you want it to have, and even compress it. final file to take up less space.

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