Sunday 9 February 2020

Bliss: Install Android on MacBooks, Chromebooks and PCs


It is an Android-based Open Source operating system that incorporates many customization options and additional security features and runs as a native or emulated PC operating system. It is compatible with PCs, MacBooks and Chromebooks equipped with compatible x86 / x86_64 CPUs. Supports BIOS / CSM and UEFI boot.

The simplest way to run the application is to create a live USB and run our operating system from there. Of course in this case the changes that will be made during its use can not be saved so we will have to make some adjustments again from the beginning when we start.

However, it is the ideal choice to see if we like the application and then install it on a computer. To write the ISO of the application on a USB stick we need to download it to our computer Rufus. From there, determine if your computer is booting from Bios or UEFI and specify FAT 32 as the file system.

After completing the settings, press start to start the recording. Once the recording is complete, restart and press ENTER on the Live CD to start the application.

Unlike other similar apps we have published it does not integrate Google Play, however it does F-Droid (list of FOSS (Free Software and Open Source) applications for the Android platform). To install the software on a computer you will follow the exact same steps as described above with the difference that this time you will need to select Auto Installation.  Note, however, that it is important to do a clean install (ie no other operating system) on the computer you will be testing.

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