Saturday 25 February 2023

EZ Paint: Free alternative to MS Paint


MS Paint is the well known to all of us painting program that has been included in all versions of Microsoft Windows which has now been replaced in Windows 10 and 11 with 3D painting. EZ Paint, on the other hand, is a free standalone, alternative, free program that is similar to MS Paint and has many of the same shortcuts and features.

For example, the left and right mouse buttons work in the same way as in MS Paint with each button corresponding to one of the two available brushes. In addition, Control and Shift, when used with the mouse, provides the same stamp and trace function. Arrow keys are used in a similar way to move options in precise steps. 

Developed to help illustrate web pages as well as edit web-based photos, EZ Paint also has many features not available in MS Paint that are critical to web design such as gradation and editing. .png and .gif files containing slides. 

EZ Paint has over 50 different textures, which can be combined with different color backdrops. Many of these textures are used to simulate real world surfaces and as with gradients they can be used on text in addition to graphic shapes, arcs and lines. It runs on both Windows 10 and 11

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