Icaros Desktop : Turn your computer into an Amiga-style computer


Icaros Desktop is an Amiga-style PC operating system with a full desktop environment distributed on bootable media. 

It is based on AROS, a lightweight, efficient and flexible open source operating system, aiming to be compatible with AmigaOS 3 at the API level, while improving in many areas.

Runs native AROS applications as well as its original applications Female friend under emulation, integrating them transparently into its desktop and is your all-in-one solution for every Amiga-related need.

It is a complete computer operating system with a complete Amiga-like environment, which can run on cheap, common hardware or a virtual machine, and is based on AROS, a free open source rewrite of AmigaOS 3.X by a team talented and motivated developers.

It runs Amiga software recompiled for PCs, even native Amiga games and applications, finally integrating them into your desktop. Icaros Desktop finally turns your computer into a full-fledged Amiga-style computer, the one you always dreamed of in the 90s.

Also includes Directory Opus 5 "Magellan" already configured to act as a modern replacement for the Amiga workbench.

You can move between windows, volumes and drawers as you did before, but now you can quickly open, delete, rename, copy, compress files and directories using buttons in windows or right-click menus.

It also has many applications. For example, you can convert an entire PDF file into multiple images or an audio sample into an MP3 file with a couple of mouse clicks!

At the bottom of the screen, the fully customizable toolbar provided by AmiStart allows quick access to any program or file on your hard drives, with information and image previews.

The release also includes advanced tools and applications, from development tools to games and from media editors to drawing applications, from emulators to file managers.

What you can do practically with your new operating system. You can design your own vector graphics with ZuneFig or edit your photos with ZinePaint or just view them, with on-the-fly thumbnail previews, with ZuneView. 

You can listen to and watch your songs and videos, add subtitles with Slarti, compose new music with MilkyTracker (or ProTracker, or ProTrekkr, or HyvelyTracker, or BigBand, or ...).

Finally, you can play your classic games with emulators for any kind of vintage computer and console: Commodore 64, Spectrum, Atari ST, Sega Master System, Sega Mega Drive (Genesis), Nintendo Super Famicom and many more, as well as Demos and applications Amiga.

Icaros Desktop includes AmiBridge, a technology based on the Janus-UAE emulator, which provides binary compatibility to Amiga programs, games and demos and does not require original Amiga ROMs and licensed system software to operate.

It can run natively or be hosted on Windows and Linux. Therefore, you can run it either via a virtual machine. or in a physical environment via a bootable CD or DVD, write it and run it from a USB stick through the special application that you will find in the program or finally install it as a standalone operating system on a computer.

If you have a second computer you can try it, however the best solution for me is to run it through a virtual machine likevirtual Box (provided for free) and when you learn to install it on one of your computers.
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