Tuesday 25 October 2022

Mem Reduct: Release real-time memory from your computer


It is an extremely useful real-time memory management application for monitoring and cleaning up your computer's memory. The program uses the internal system functions (Native API) to clean the system cache (operating set, working set, waiting lists, modified page lists) with a variable result of ~ 10-50%. 

The application is compatible with Windows operating systems from XP SP3 and above. In order for it to run correctly, you should set the application to run with administrator rights in the usual way, by right-clicking on the application icon and checking the relevant box. From there you can determine how the application will run either time-wise or better by specifying the upper percentage of usage to automatically trigger the memory cleanup process. 

For example for a computer with 4GB of available memory the best position is to set automatic cleaning when the memory consumption exceeds 70%. Of course this is not binding since it depends to a large extent on the operating system you are running and also the existing applications running in the background so adjust it according to your needs.

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