O&O AppBuster : Remove apps from the Microsoft Store


Did you notice that Microsoft, along with Windows 10 and 11, installed a set of apps by default? Some of them make sense and are useful, but some of them are not from Microsoft, but from third-party vendors.

When setting up Windows 10 and 11, Microsoft installs not only the operating system, but also a whole host of additional applications – some useful, some less so.

The app allows you to remove unwanted apps easily and quickly. or even if you accidentally uninstalled one of them to recover them with one click.

The program shows you which of these applications are provided by Microsoft with Windows and are installed on your computer, and which you can install yourself.

O&O AppBuster is completely free and does not need to be installed – you can simply run it directly on your computer.
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TAGS: desktop , Utilities

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