Saturday 28 March 2020

360 Document Protector: The ransomware exterminator


360 Document Protector is a powerful document protection software to effectively protect and prevent ransomware from stealing your valuable data. Ransomware is a special version of trojan that if it infects your computer it can modify documents and images by encrypting them. so that you can no longer read or use your files. 

They may then demand a certain amount of ransom, ranging from a hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, from victims who want to obtain the key to decrypt and read their files again. However, by monitoring your system in real time, 360 Document Protector is capable of automatically backing up your documents from any modification, so the latest version of your files is protected in a local folder. 

Therefore, even if your computer is infected with ransomware, you do not need to worry. Note: The program works for documents edited, opened or saved after installation. 

If you want to back up files that you opened before you installed 360 Document Protector, save those files manually.

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