4 Best Free Software Updates for Windows


If you have several applications on your computer you will not know if there are any new versions unless you visit the developer's website for each one. However, this is very time consuming and quite boring. For this purpose we present 4 free programs that will automatically do this job for you.

Portable trusted utility designed to test your system for updates, updates from Adobe Reader, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Flash, Mozilla Firefox, Oracle Java, Apple Quicktime, Apple iTunes, Microsoft Updates, and more. When you run the program it will automatically scan your computer, if your software is not recently updated it will show it in red, if it is updated it will be displayed in green, and if it is not installed it will be displayed in black.

This little program after we install it seeks to find the installed software on our computer and informs us which of them are up to date and which are not, clicking on the program that wants to upgrade immediately goes to the corresponding page of its creator to download it. No installation required and I think it is worth a try.


RuckZuck Software Package Manager, a quick way to install and update your existing software in Windows. How to use it is simple, just run the application, select a category and download the program you want. However, if you just want to update the already installed applications, wait a while until the program detects the installed applications and in case of newer versions will prompt you to install them.


This is probably the most valuable effort to create an online repository for free widows software, a package manager for Windows programs. This helps you find and install the software you always want in the latest version, or uninstall it if you no longer need it. The process of installing-uninstalling applications is fully automated. Npackd strives to be the hub through which you can discover, install and manage your software. It is basically a package manager that allows you to install or uninstall, and update multiple packages from a single location.

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