Miray RAM Drive: Create virtual RAM disks


Miray RAM Drive creates a virtual memory drive using the available main memory (RAM) on your computer. The performance of a RAMDisk is, in general, orders of magnitude faster than in other formats of storage media, for example for an SSD it is (up to 100X) and for a hard disk (up to 200X). Dramatically speeds up load times for games software and web browsers. Provides faster read and write speeds of up to 25600MB / s if you have DDR3-1600MHz memory. In addition, because it has no moving parts, it is wear resistant, unlike traditional hard drives and SSDs. Allows users to read and write an unlimited number without the fear of disk failure. Because your computer can access data in RAM faster than on a hard drive, it can improve your page load times.

For example, you can run portable applications (programs that do not require installation) from the Ram disk at high speeds, or specify Ram memory as the storage medium for temporary files from various applications, thus increasing their response speed. .

Let's now look at how in practice we can have high speeds when browsing the web using the portable version of Mozila firefox. After downloading the application, copy the folder into the RAM Drive and run it from there. As you can see for yourself, the difference in speed is obvious compared to having it installed on your hard drive. Of course the same can be done with any other program.

The general rule of thumb is, the more free memory your computer has the better since you can increase the RAM Drive capacity. In general, on a computer with 4GB of available memory, make sure that your virtual memory is about 500 MB, if your computer now has 8 GB, you can easily create a virtual disk of 2-4 GB.

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