SafeMess: Encrypt your messages securely.


This is a very simple way that will help us send absolutely confidential messages so that we can encode our communication and send it very securely without the risk of being read by third parties. 

Through this application you can further protect the privacy of your email, chat communications, etc. The encryption is done with the help of Javascript locally in your browser. So no one can read your password or your messages. 

The safemess online service will help us in this endeavor. After going to the application's website, write the message we want to send in the relevant field and in the password field, click on the Generate a radom Password option. 

The application will generate a random code that we will see appear on the right side of the program menu. This code is the code that the recipient of the message will have to enter to be able to decode the message, finally we click on the Encrypt the message option.

Now we copy the encrypted message with copy paste and send it via e-mail, chat, etc. to the recipient we want, of course giving him the code we created so that he can decrypt it.

I should note that the application provides an increased level of security as it allows us to send encrypted messages with an expiration date, dramatically increasing the level of security of our communication.

To decrypt the message, follow the exact opposite path, copy the encrypted text in the same field, enter the code we created during the encryption and click on the option Decrypt the message.

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