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14 best free note-taking applications for windows


The best free note-taking apps to create colorful, transparent and printable notes, and jot down your thoughts on your computer.

Simple Sticky Notes


Easy-to-use, free, fast and efficient note-taking software, create colorful, transparent and printable notes to jot down your thoughts or appointments. You can also add a reminder sound to your notes so that the program reminds you of the day and time you chose. You can easily change the colors of the cards and add some extra music.

Microsoft ToDo


Organize and share your tasks, tasks, movies and lists. No matter what you're planning, how big or small, Microsoft To Do makes it super easy to get things done. Set due dates and reminders and assign them. Whether your lists are work-related or just for fun, you'll never miss a deadline. 

Create as many lists as you need and access them from your mobile phone, tablet and computer, easily share lists and collaborate with family, friends and colleagues, start conversations about your tasks, attach photos, PDF files, presentations and more, share tasks and delegate responsibilities, organize your to-dos for home, work or anywhere else with folders. 

Stay focused with Microsoft To Do, with a personalized daily calendar of suggested tasks, access your lists wherever you are, on any device, and share lists and tasks with friends, family, colleagues and classmates create color-coded lists, set one-time or recurring deadlines and reminders, and add notes to any task

Hot Notes


It's an easy-to-use note-taking software for Windows that lets you post notes on your desktop, reminding you of important events every time you use the computer. Create checklists to keep track of what you've done and what you've left to do in the future. The notes can be any size and stretch to your liking. Select you can choose any color, font or transparency level for your notes.



Probably the best way to write messages, phone numbers and take notes. With the help of the program it is possible to create small notes, and add them to your desktop and customize them as you wish.



There are so many things and so many activities that one has to do every day, so if you are one of them and you can't put things in order like remembering important events, phone numbers and other daily obligations this little program is for you. Record your activities on the virtual ΄΄sticky΄΄ notes on your computer desktop so you don't miss anything anymore.

Day Organizer


Day Organizer offers is a free application that displays a planning calendar for a day, work week, week and month, with the ability to create an unlimited number of planning calendars in any route and share planning calendars among multiple users at the same time, and two planning themes for the calendar (Standard, Office 2007). 

It also includes scheduling backup, compression and restore tasks, manually and automatically updating the current scheduling calendar, exporting events to RPT, PDF, XLS, DOC and RTF files and many other interesting features. 

Finally, the application allows us to organize working time and free time, for recurring events (birthdays, holidays, sports activities, meetings, regular vaccinations, insurance premium payments, etc.) and reminders for events. Other benefits include, international Unicode character set support, and event submission when scheduling calendars.



100% free, easy-to-use note-taking software for desktop computers. Packed with useful features that can run on any operating system (Windows, Linux, Mac OS). You can use it to create sticky notes, to-do lists, personal journals, reminders and other notes, all in one app. There is no limit to the number of sticky notes you can create. Notes can be different colors, assigned to different groups and searched using the search tool.

7 Sticky Notes


Make notes on your desktop. 7 Sticky Notes is a free program with an impressive realistic look that will help you keep notes on small "virtual" papers on your computer desktop.



Absolutely free software that allows you to use "electronic stickies" to record a note that will never be lost (the note is stored in a database) so that you are automatically notified, at the date and time you set, of what was recorded on given moment, so you are not going to forget important moments anymore since you can mark birthdays, anniversaries etc. and notify a few days before. Now you can insert, delete and move up and down the different rows of the line. AS3 databases are 100% compatible with those of AlarmStickies2, and users of the older AS2 version migrating to AS3 can recover them quickly and easily. They should only reset the program settings.

Google Keep


Google Keep makes it easy to record thoughts or lists and lets you share with friends or family. Record your thoughts and see notifications later in the right place or at the right time. Say a voice memo on the go and it will be automatically transcribed. 

Take a photo of a poster, receipt, or document and organize them, or find them later in the search. Color-code and add tags to code your notes and quickly organize them. If you need to find something you've saved, you can do so with a simple search. Keep works on Android phone, tablet and mobile devices. 

All the files you add are synced across all your devices so they're always available to you. You can also sync and view your notes on any computer with the Web version of the app. (Requires a Google account).

Microsoft Sticky Notes


Use Microsoft Sticky Notes to save various information by keeping notes of what you care about so you do not interrupt your work. You can type your thoughts, write them with a pen or add an image, format the text, paste the notes on the desktop, move them anywhere you want, close them in the note list and sync them to the devices and your applications such as OneNote Mobile, Microsoft Launcher for Android devices and Outlook for Windows.

In My Diary


My Calendar is an easy-to-use free, personalized calendar app to help you organize all your upcoming tasks and events, save your passwords, keep track of your notes, maintain your financial accounts, and manage your contacts. 

The calendar supports one-time and recurring events with customizable colors, connected notes, and early warning options. You can also configure the application to send you email reminders using your mail server or the SMTP service provided. 

In addition to calendar entries, you can use My Calendar to keep a daily diary, save your passwords as well as personal notes. The program also integrates a contact database with optional birthday reminders and label printing features. 

Other features include support for import/export (iCal, vCard), keyword search, built-in password generation, anniversary and special event options, and more.



PC utility to replace yellow sticky notes on your computer screen. This is a computerized version of these notes. These are the familiar yellow rectangular boxes in which you can write text notes. Once created, they will remain on the screen until you remove them. 

Once on the screen, the stickies will remain where they are placed even after you restart your computer until you close them. The appearance of the Stickies can be customized and of course you can change the fonts, colors and buttons and save different styles. Stickers can also be modified and store text or images. 

They can also be linked to an app, web page, document or folder so they only appear there. They can also be transferred from one machine to another either through a TCP/IP network connection or through an SMTP mail server or MAPI client. In conclusion we would say that this is absolutely free, great, fully customizable office software. and not only with many settings and applications of use.

All My Notes Organizer


Do you want a secure, encrypted environment for your valuable personal data, such as passwords or your activities and appointments? AllMyNotes is the key to these and other tasks. Store all your documents and calendar securely in the app's encrypted database. All your data is stored in complete security and can be organized into flexible virtual folders that allow easy, intuitive access and immediate search.
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