BeeBEEP: Free chat and file sharing software for your local network


BeeBEEP is a free chat software capable of transferring files between computers, it supports a secure chat network for every computer so that you can communicate freely in your office or home without necessarily having to connect to the internet.

It is the office messaging application that does not need an external server to allow users to communicate with each other. Messages are encrypted and delivered directly to the recipient, through one of the most secure encryption algorithms known to many as AES, with a 256-bit random key. 

In your office, lab, school, home, or any other activity where there is a need for security and privacy, it is probably the best way to keep your private messages safe. 

It also gives you the ability to easily transfer files, just drag them into the chat window and you're done. In the same way you can also transfer whole folders

In addition, it also allows you to share your files always securely and always without the need for external servers. With BeeBOX you can share a folder on your computer with your colleagues, as if you were using Dropbox. With BeeSHARE you can share as many folders and files as you want using the old Napster, Kazaa or eMule.

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