Complete Anatomy 2022: The most advanced anatomy learning platform in the world


The most advanced anatomy learning platform in the world. With groundbreaking innovations such as patented state-of-the-art tools, 3D audio recordings and moving muscles, you can free yourself from static encyclopedias and enhance your learning in a whole new way. Medical students, medical professionals, and lifelong learners can interact with over 6.200 high-resolution anatomical structures. Perfectly combines intuitive design with anatomical precision. An exclusive selection of world-renowned anatomists have come together to form the newly formed Academic Review Board, which guarantees even higher levels of anatomical detail. Convert traditional 2D learning materials to 3D and rejuvenate anatomy with features such as tracking nerve pathways and tools that help visualize complex functions such as providing nerve endings to muscle, layer guides to identify bones, surfaces and of muscular origin - points of introduction.

Do you still want to create your own content right away? You can draw notes or cut the layers as you like, and then save your work. The cloud sharing platform provides an easy way to share this content with other users in your own in-app private or university groups.

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