Friday November 11 2022

OSFMount: Create virtual disks for image files and RAM disks


OSFMount is a simple program that allows you to create virtual disks with great ease. By default, the uploaded image files only work for reading, so that the originals of the image files are not corrupted, something that of course you can change by simply selecting and checking the corresponding option.

The program introduces some other functions that do not have other similar applications, such as creating RAM disks, essentially transfers the virtual disk to RAM and of course provides us with this great advantage of speed since as you understand another is its speed hard disk and another that of RAM.

It is very likely that this feature will be useful especially in applications that require high speed access to the disk, such as applications with databases and games. A second advantage is security, as the contents of the disk are not stored on a physical hard disk. The file types it supports include ISO, BIN, NRG, SDI, AFF, AFM, AFD and even VMware VMDK.

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TAGS: memory , Utilities

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