AIO Boot: Create a boot USB with Windows, Linux and Android applications


AIO Boot is a user-friendly and easy-to-use tool that can help you build a bootable USB stick where you can install dozens of different operating systems and tools. You must use FAT32 partitions to support boot in UEFI mode. However, you should be aware that some operating systems such as Bitdefender, Fedora and Gentoo do not support booting into NTFS partitions.

As you know, NTFS partitions can store files larger than 4GB. So you can save large files such as backups, VHD files ... and you can use functionality larger than 4GB for Android-x86, Remix OS, Phoenix OS and WifiSlax 4.12. Therefore, in this case we should use the NTFS or exFAT format. You must enter a size for the FAT32 partition. The remaining space will be used for NTFS / exFAT partitions. In our presentation we will proceed to the simplest way of installation.

We use a stick USB with as much capacity as possible, in which we will install the applications that interest us so that when we start from there and have the ability to run various operating systems from windows to Android and many other applications and security programs.  


1. Download the application and connect our stick to any USB port. It would be good to have it configured as FAT 32 before, however we can do the same in the next step (step 2)

2. Run the application, select your stick as installation destination and click on OK
3. Once the installation is complete, we will see the application menu.
4. Click on the field Integration and by choice Select Pack we choose exactly what we want to install on our stick. From there and after the selection Select files select the relevant ISO file from your computer and click OK to start the installation. Once the installation of the application we have selected is complete, if we have to go through another one we follow exactly the same procedure and so on.
5. After we finish our registrations, we can press the button Tools and click on the option TEST BOOT. There we can see our interface as it will look when our computer starts.
6. You do not have to install all the applications you want at the same time. Whenever you want, just open USB and run the executable file  AIOCreator to add new applications at a time.



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